Monday, April 6, 2015

Keep Rollin'

Hey y’all.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! I had some kind of diet break down starting on Friday and it spiraled out of control over the course of the entire weekend.  Having said that, I decided not to weigh.  I didn’t want to own up to my bad behavior and didn’t need the negativity.  The temptation of wedding food and Easter treats was more than I was able to juggle.  Having said that, I’m not too discouraged.  I’ve certainly had worse binge-eating weekends and I exercised like crazy.  Also, I’m back at it today and my goal is to have one perfect week and see what the scale says this weekend.  Luckily there are no weddings or holidays for at least a few weeks.

I have to say that stuffing a mixture of yummy ingredients into a giant lettuce leaf and rolling it up is now one of my favorite past times.  I call this recipe “Italian Lettuce Roll-Ups.”  I took ground turkey sausage, onion, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, artichokes, olives and pepperoni.  I sauted all of it together and filled up a big piece of lettuce with it.  I used hummus as the base on the lettuce to add another layer of flavor. It had a nice pizza vibe to it.  It was super filling and delicious.  Also, and this is the best part, it’s so easy to make.

I eat a lot of broccoli so sometimes it helps to jazz it up.  I made some grilled chicken last week and as a side, I made a broccoli/mushroom side dish.  All I did was use non-stick spray to heat up some broccoli and mushrooms in a skillet.  I added some wine to give it more flavor and I have to say it was delicious.  I then poured some of that wine and enjoyed a glass with my dinner.  The combination of wine and mushrooms adds a more meaty flavor to your veggies.  This convinces your mind that you are full.  I will definitely make this again.

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I went to Tennessee and my Aunt Phyllis gave me some homemade strawberry preserves.  These aren’t slow carb but they are fresh and organic and totally delicious.  I allow myself a few servings of non-slow carb foods every week so I have been sneaking some of this in as a treat pretty frequently.  The taste of strawberry just explodes in my mouth.

Even though I’m having a bit of guilt about the food I ate, I had a great weekend.  I dyed eggs and enjoyed Easter and also had fun at Jordan’s sister’s wedding on Saturday. Wish me luck y'all! Until next week...


  1. A) Are you aware of the hummus recall?
    B) Why is cauliflower not mentioned in this post?
    C) You and your Easter eggs are adorable.
    D) We look PRECIOUS in our pic.
    E) Because you like things in fives. :)

  2. A) I am aware and I'm devastated.
    B) Very cute. Cauliflower will return though. Trust.
    D) We look precious in every pic.
    E) Your respect for my OCD is amazing.


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