Friday, November 5, 2010

Can You Take Me To Vegas?

HELLO EVERYONE! Happy Friday! It has been a long week but the weekend is FINALLY here!!! I hope you all have had a great week. As I may have mentioned, tomorrow, my mom, Oma and Aunt Betty and I are headed to Las Vegas!

I have never been to Las Vegas so I am very excited to see the city and get another state under my belt. I have a mental bucket list and one of the items on it is to visit every state so I always get excited to add another...I think I’ve been to 24...3 of those were only airports though and some people don’t count that so I definitely want to go again. Anyway, we leave tomorrow for Vegas and we are coming back Wednesday. It should be a lot of fun! Flying doesn’t really bother me but there have been just enough news stories the past week to make me annoyed. Also, I know that security is going to be especially strict with all the stuff going on but hey, it’s just part of please keep us in your mind this week that we have a safe trip!

Right about the time we will be getting settled in Vegas, Alabama will be kicking off against LSU...

This game is HUGE! We HAVE to win this game and we are playing IN Baton Rouge so it’s going to be tough. I hate missing the game but honestly, this one is really stressing me out so it may be best that I am distracted by Sin City so as not to go crazy worrying about the game. Roll Tide!

So-I wanted share some new gum I’ve discovered.

The Strawberry Shortcake gum is a new campaign from Extra that makes gum taste like dessert. I think there is a Key-Lime Pie that I’ve heard is good but I haven’t tried it. The Strawberry Shortcake gum is good. At first, I didn’t really care for it as much but it’s grown on me. It’s really sweet but it has 5 calories and it’s good if you just want something to chew on. The other is from Trident. They make Layers gum that includes more than one flavor. They have lots of different versions of Trident Layers but I have only tried Green Apple & Golden Pineapple. It’s SOOO good! It’s tart at first but then has this bold, refreshing flavor. I know I sound like I should do a commercial for them but it really is tasty. Both of these are sugar free and while I don’t claim that they stifle hunger, they are good if chewing helps you get your mind off food.

Another thing I wanted to briefly mention was that I noticed now that I’ve lost almost 80 pounds, I can definitely tell when I’ve gone up a few pounds. Before I lost a significant amount of weight, I couldn’t really tell by looking in the mirror if I gained or lost a few pounds. On Monday, after the Halloween binge fest, I could look in the mirror and I could really tell that I was up a few pounds. I was surprised and I thought my reaction would be more devastated but was kind of actually be able to see physical changes in my body. To me that meant that I am no longer one solid blob, I am starting to regain structure in my body. I can see my waist now and I can definitely tell when I had gained a few because my waist had become less defined. Anyway, it was just something I noticed.

Ok-Speaking of gaining weight, I hope it’s not too bad in Vegas. I plan on walking a lot and I am going to actually set aside time to work out twice while we are there just so I can maintain some sort of structure.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week. I probably won’t post again until next Friday so until then!

Roll Tide!


“Listen up now honey, you're gonna be sorry
Can't get out from under a sky that is falling
And you say
No fame no money I'm nobody
The way I'm running has sure got me down
On my knees.
Next stop, Vegas please.
Can you take me to Vegas?” Vegas-Sara Bareilles

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