Friday, March 18, 2011

Bless Your Little Pea-Pickin' Heart

Short blog today. No frills or pictures...I sort of take on the roll of injured in dramatic fashion. I went to work today but went to the doctor after a couple of hours. My throat has been hurting for a few days and I pushed through because I wanted to make sure I had no excuse not to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Well, my procrastination proved too much because my throat was killing me this morning and I felt icky. I went to the doctor and I had a 100.4 fever which isn't bad but I am not typically someone who runs a fever so my boss made me come home. I got a couple miracle shots in my behind and took some pain medicine/fever reducer and I am already feeling much better. I decided to weigh Thursday morning due to the fact that I may go over my caloric budget on St. Patty's day and also I had a possible case of mild food poisoning from Sonic (that is maybe a premature self-diagnosis but I was pretty sick with a very sour stomach all night and morning). Perfect time to weigh right? Turns out it WAS the perfect time to weigh because I was down 2 pounds!!! That brings my total to over 91 pounds! I was pretty proud of myself. I know I say this every week but because I didn't exercise today and I had more than my share of Irish treats yesterday, the scale may not reflect that nice of a change next week, I'll be lucky not to gain...but that's alright...I plan to be feeling much better tomorrow and ready to start all over again with my exercising every day and my crazy schedule. I think my body was just telling me to chill out. I don't ever make time to do nothing because it's not who I am but every once in awhile, you need to relax. See you next week!

PS. My dad got two ducks and I took some pictures of St. Patrick's day fun so I will have pics and stories to share next week.


"Seacrest Out." Ryan Seacrest

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