Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy, Happy!

Hello Everyone!!! It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks. I am very excited about the upcoming 3-day weekend. It is much needed. I’ve already planned that I am doing little to nothing on Monday. Things are getting back to normal for me. After New York, I went to Nashville with my company for our annual conference. It was a lot of work but it was also fun. We stayed in the Gaylord…I posted a couple of pictures of the place and the group of people I work with below. The Gaylord was enormous so I got a lot of exercise walking around all of the areas and I also exercised in the gym one day while I was there. Starting yesterday, I was counting points again so of course I feel like I’m starving but I need to be perfect until July 23rd when I go to New Orleans. I didn’t weigh this morning and I don’t plan on weighing until next Friday. I have eaten WAY too much the past couple of weeks so I want to level out a bit until next week and then I will see how much I need to lose to work it all off.

The work trip was fun and it showed me the scope of my company and really encouraged me to grow and explore my options there. I had no idea how many people were involved and how many opportunities there could be. Before I left for Nashville, I went to a birthday party. My friend Whitney’s baby had a birthday and I’m so glad I got to see her! Happy Birthday again, Mya! I posted a picture of us together at the party below.

I know I posted pictures of New York last week but I forgot to include a video that I took while at the Top of Rockefeller Center and so I posted that video below. Again, I posted all the New York pictures on the Facebook and sent some of you links to all of the pictures…so if you’re interested, and you can’t see the pictures, let me know and I’ll get you a link.

I feel like I am playing mostly catch up today but next week I will start back with my recipes and everything should be back on track. I am playing catch up in pretty much every area of my life right now but it is unlike me to not have everything in order so I am hoping it doesn’t take long to get all of my ducks in a row. I had an absolute blast in New York and Nashville and so I think all of the hard work in my near future will be worth it. Now, it’s time for me to get the added pounds off, keep maintaining my exercise routine, get caught up at work and start expanding with new ideas and opportunities, save some money and keep writing!

Before I sign off today, I wanted to express two very important birthday wishes…

I wanted to wish my Dad a VERY happy birthday (On Sunday)! I hope you have a WONDERFUL DAY!!! Love you!

Also, I truly wish everyone an awesome Independence Day and my desire is for all of us to remember to thank those who have and who are still serving our country! I wish you could all be home with your families and this weekend, I want to make sure that I’m thinking of all of you.

Have a STUPENDOUS long weekend everyone!

If you have to work Monday, I am SO SORRY!

Talk with you soon!


“Say what you need to say…” Say-John Mayer

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