Friday, June 11, 2010

Hopefully A Penny Saved Won't Be A Pound Gained

Happy Friday Y’all! I have to admit that I was ready for this day to be over before it even began. I took a Melatonin (a vitamin that promotes sleep) last night before bed and I had some crazy dreams so I was pretty tired this morning. Even though part of me tried to convince myself that I didn’t have to walk, the stronger willed person in me was able to overcome and I got up to walk around my apartment even though I so desperately did not want to.

When I started grumpily walking, I hadn’t even gotten the sleep out of my eyes when I saw this:

Have I told you that we have like a billion worms in the parking lot of my apartment? Ew. This one was about 6 or 7 inches long and he was squirming right along. Gross. Anyway, I was very tired, it was extremely hot to be only 6:15 am, I was sweating like mad and so about half way through, I said...screw this...and just went inside to shower and get back in the bed for a little while.

To make up for the walking mishap, I went to a couple of stores during lunch to get some steps. I still need about 2,000 steps or so but I will probably make up for it by tonight just from walking around normally.

So-I am a person who buys what I want to within reason and I think it is starting to catch up with me. Between car payments, rent, student loans and other unnecessarily acquired debt, my purchases are starting to catch up with me. I am making my payments on time and I can still have a social life within reason but I am in a place where it is VERY important that I start cutting corners to save money because I love to travel and I want to be able to actually save money instead of using my money only for bills. Having said that, I am cutting up my Lane Bryant card which I rarely use but now won’t be tempted to use. I’m reducing my Netflix bill per month and the biggest thing is that I am reducing my Weight Watchers bill. Basically, I am going to remove the ability to weigh in at the facilities and remove my ability to attend meetings. I will still have all of the tools and resources I need on the internet and I will still follow the point system...I will just have to weigh in at my apartment and inspire myself I guess. I am very nervous because in some ways, that accountability was very important to me but I haven’t weighed in a month and the thought of quitting hasn’t crossed my mind. I feel bad for not weighing but I think I will set it up to where I still weigh on Saturday mornings at my apartment and track it online like normal. I will give it a couple of months to make sure that I am still doing everything I need to or I will just have to start weighing in at Weight Watchers again. It’s just a $30 monthly charge that I think I can do without. We will see...I have had excellent will power up until this point and even though I know I went too far on my birthday, I have been flawless for 11 days...I feel like a recovering let’s all hope that I can keep it up without the meetings. Fingers Crossed!

Anyway-I don’t have too much planned this weekend. I am going to be walking a lot of course and hopefully watching some of season 2 of True Blood because season 3 starts Sunday and I haven’t seen ANY of season 2 so I will be behind and my parents will be nagging me.

I hope you all have a safe & fun weekend!

“Bust them windows out yo car
But it don’t come back to my broken heart
You could neva feel I how I felt that day
Until it happens baby you don’t know pain
Ooh Yeah I did it (yeah I did it)
You should know it (you should kno it)
I ain’t sorry (I ain’t sorry)
You deserved it (you deserved it)
After what you did to me (after what you did)
You deserve it (you deserve it)
I ain’t sorry no no ohhh(I aint sorry)
You broke my heart so I broke you car
You caused me pain (you caused me pain)
(So I did the same)
Even though what you did to me was much worse
I had to do something to make you hurt
Oh but why am I still crying
Why am I the one who’s still crying
Oh oh really hurt me baby
really,really hurt me baby.” Bust Your Windows-Jazmine Sullivan (Though I know it much better from the cast of Glee.)

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