Monday, June 7, 2010

The Reviews Are In...And I STILL Liked The Movie.

It’s Monday again but it isn’t terrible. The only complaint I have is that it is miserably hot outside. I think the worst thing about the heat is knowing that it’s only going to get much worse before it gets any better. The good thing is that I am sort of used to it but I still prefer winter much more.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I had a great one...I saw Sex and the City 2 on Saturday and I actually liked it. I had heard absolutely nothing good about it...I have to say...if you watched Sex and the City as a series, the movies are not far off from the show. I had many problems with the first one...I didn’t think it captured the fun nature of the show so I was really worried about this one...especially after the reviews. I don’t think that the movie is going to win any awards or gain critical acclaim but overall I thought it was fun and I really enjoyed it. It had all of the aspects of Sex and the City. I normally like short movies as well and this one is over 2-1/2 hours but I wasn’t bored at all. I guess I just took the movie for what it was...and I’m glad I had low expectations because I had fun and I’m glad I saw it. For those who didn't like it, no judgment because you are entitled to your own opinion...but I'm curious...why? I know I heard people say that it was cliche and that there was overacting but honestly one of the characteristics of the show was the silly one-liners and elaborate emotions and's supposed to be my opinion...but that's just me.

The only damper to Saturday was that this was the first Saturday in a long time that I was very strict on Weight Watchers. It was all part of my initiative to Jettison the Junk in June. I did perfectly but I was hungry most of the day. I know that it was all in my head because I had two full meals and snacks but I couldn’t help but feeling like I was starving. The good news is that I made it through my first Saturday in June AND I am almost right back to where I was before my birthday as far as weight goes. The bad news is that I took my cheat day to heart and ugh...I was feeling so sick last night. There was fried food and was all good but blech...I think I will not go so crazy next Sunday...I know I say that every time.

I am going walking after work today in this horrific heat but then after that...I’m welcoming myself to some Moe’s!!! I think I will try to walk in the morning the rest of the week. I did that last week and I forgot how nice it was to be done with exercise for the day when I get off work. I also like walking by the river though which I can’t do in the mornings so as usual, I will have to mix it up.

I got some good advice from people on different ways to get personal training so when I decide to stop procrastinating...I will let you know how and if I make any progress getting rid of this sagging belly and arm fat.

I know I just sort of rambled but I didn’t have anything really in the way of a point today so I think I will quit while I’m ahead.

I hope you have a great Monday evening!!!

Peace out!

“To the troubles all around me, I'm caught up and I'm barely breathin’
But I'm finding that holding on is harder than never leaving.” Tied Down-Colbie Caillat

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