Monday, June 21, 2010


Guess What? I FINALLY lost weight!!! I lost 2 pounds last week! That brings the total to 63.6 pounds! I got the BIG MO and trust me when I tell you that momentum is probably over half of the battle for me. I really needed to lose so I could feel a sense of accomplishment. I have been working hard and I finally got rid of all that dirty birthday weight. Also, I made it through yet another Saturday in June where there was no cheating. Luckily, my mother is a great cook and if I need to eat healthy, she accommodates me. While everyone else had hamburgers and hotdogs and yummy potatoes, I enjoyed a big, juicy turkey burger and a baked potato so it made it MUCH easier to eat with everyone (we won’t talk about the binge-fest that was my cheat day on Sunday). I only have one more Saturday left in June and then I will get a bit of a break on Saturday’s two weeks in a row as I have plans for those weekends. After that though, I will try to have an Amazing August and a Superb September or some form of alliterative title that will motivate me to do a good job on Saturday’s because it really pays off. I will work just as hard this week so I can [hopefully] see another loss this Saturday. I only have about 3 more pounds before I have to take away another point from my daily allowance and that always gives my body a little boost so it looks like I am moving right along.

I tell you what, if you are in Alabama right now, it is so HOT. I heard someone say that you get used to the heat but I have lived here since 1996 and I have NEVER gotten used to this heat. My car is black and so I’m sure it attracts a ton of heat and I got in it the other day and y’all I swear it felt like I was about to drown in it. I cracked my windows this afternoon so hopefully that will help. I need to get a window shield because my is unholy out there. It’s even worse to walk or exercise in it. My mom and I took my dog Pacey to the river to walk this weekend and I wasn’t sure that he was going to make it. He isn’t exactly in the best shape but he has been doing better but this Saturday...he could barely hang. When we were done, we let him get a drink in the river and he just walked in up to his chest and stood there and when we got in the car...he just fell over in the back seat. Bless his heart...I was worried I had killed my dog.

Speaking of all that, I’m actually going to be walking/suffering in the heat this afternoon with my mom because I haven’t walked today. Woohoo! I complain the whole time...that’s not an exaggeration. I posted some pictures below from this weekend. One is with my brother, Dad and I on Father’s Day, one is of me and Jordan at my apartment and one is of our dog Dixie, she had my brothers sunglasses on her butt.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you have a peaceful week at work.

Have a good night!


“This is your life,
And yet somehow,
They decide,
What you're about,
You learn your lines,
And take your cues,
But who are you listening to?

You change your clothes,
And how you speak,
You place your hope,
In what they think,
Before you know
There's no more you,
Who are you listening to-
Have you noticed how much you fear,
All the voices you choose to hear

Who are you listening to?
Who tells you what to do?
Who rules your thoughts at night?
Whose rules define your life?
Oh, you know it's up to you,
So who are you listening to

This is your life,
You have no choice,
You will rely
On someone's voice,
And it's all right
To question who,
Who are you listening to?
Do the words that you believe
Set your soul and spirit free?

There's a quiet voice,
Whispering in your heart,
It's been there all along,
It believes in you,
It will tell the truth,
Can't you hear it call?” Who Are You Listening To?-Ginny Owens

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