Friday, January 21, 2011

So, When Do We Eat?

It’s Friday Y’all! It’s that day we all live for…or at least I know I do. I will start with some good news, I weighed this morning and I was down a pound! That takes me to a total loss of 82.6 pounds! I was SO happy to have a loss since I didn’t lose any last week. You know 3 weeks isn’t too bad to lose all the holiday weight plus a pound, so I can’t really complain. I have to stay on this track though. If I want to lose 15 pounds by my mid-May then I need to lose an average of a little over a pound a week. I know it’s unrealistic to think that I will lose over a pound every week but I’m hoping that there will be certain weeks I will lose closer to 2 pounds to make up for the bad weeks. Basically, with each passing day, I need to work harder. My biggest problem seems to be that I become complacent and I can definitely tell when I’m not as strict with the rules that I created for myself. I went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup and he was showing me how consistent I’ve been in losing weight, starting from 2009 and he pointed out that there were a couple of times I didn’t weigh at all before then and he said he didn’t know why and I told him it was because I was refusing to weigh. It’s amazing how far I’ve come…I went from refusing to weigh because I didn’t want to face it to now, when I basically only go for my checkups to weigh so my doctor knows how much weight I’ve lost. My, how things change. Before I started dieting, I felt sort of hopeless…I had SO much to lose (and still do) that I didn’t think there was a point. I thought, “it’s not like I just need to lose 15 pounds, what’s the point?” I am so glad I snapped out of it. I mean…yes…it took 30 pounds before people even noticed but I feel so much better now and even though I’m not close to my goal, I am MUCH closer than I was 82.6 pounds ago.

I have been thinking a lot about the most challenging part of being a food addict that is trying to lose weight…

I think the most challenging part of the whole thing is that I am CONSTANTLY thinking about food. I can’t even burp from the food I have just eaten without thinking about the next meal or snack I’m going to have. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s weird because before I started caring about what I ate, it was like I was numb…I just ate without thinking. If I was bored, sad, happy, nervous, excited, content, I would eat so I guess I didn’t really obsess over it as much because I just ate all the time. Now that I have to pay attention, it’s ALL I can think about. I have been to amazing places and had awesome experiences but most things that I do are based on food and when I’m going to eat. It’s not just the typical places either…I mean it’s normal to think about food at work or when I’m writing this blog but seriously…I’m on the Vegas strip or at the top of the Eifel Tower and I’m all, “I wonder when lunch is…I hope everyone else is hungry.” Seriously? I wish I could just get a grip. I think it’s proof that food addiction is a serious problem mostly because you have to eat to survive so knowing that you get to feed your addiction at certain points of the day makes it that much more difficult. The addiction is crippling because it’s all encompassing. I don’t really have any advice or tips about this because all I can see in my head is my future lunch. I am STARVING now, lol.

Oh well, nobody promised that losing weight would be easy. I have a nice weekend planned. Jordan is headed to T-Town and Operation Oscar is in full swing. We are going to be watching two this weekend so I am sure I will have some reports next week. Other than that, I just need to run some errands, maybe clean some stuff and as always, exercise.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

Good luck and Roll Tide to the Alabama Gymnastics Team tonight!


“Without hope, life’s not worth living.”
Harvey Milk (snagged from the movie “Milk)

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  1. Umm...this morning when I was in the shower I was thinking about what I would have for dinner tonight. *Sigh* lol

    That picture and caption is so cute and hilarious!

    LOVE the quote today. We need a Jordeather movie day soon...a non-Operation Oscar movie March when this is all over lol.


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