Monday, February 8, 2010

Back To Business

I got my car back y’all! I want to give a shout out to my Oma for letting me borrow her car while mine was in the shop after my wreck! I really appreciate it...but it sure does feel good to have my car back. I also want to give a shout out to Horton’s Garage for not only making my car look like new, but for also cleaning it inside and out! They did all that in a week! Now, I have to find out if my car is may be giving it up again really soon. Apparently I have two recall possibilities...nice.

Alert the media-I GAINED weight last week. For some reason, I thought I could continue going over a couple points here and there, cheating on Saturdays AND Sundays and still lose weight. I’m pretty sure I know that is NOT how it works. It went okay for a couple of weeks...I even lost weight but this week it caught up with me. So, I had to have an emergency pep talk with myself. If I don’t stick to the plan Monday-Saturday, I’m going to take away cheat day for awhile. I’m giving myself a few weeks to do better before I do anything like though because out of the 7ish months I’ve been doing this, I’ve only gained weight two times...that’s not too shabby. I think I should be fine if I count what I’m supposed to do. Yes, it’s hard sometimes and yes, counting everything means I don’t get to eat everything that I want but um...I knew that from the start...that it wouldn’t always be easy (I even skipped the Baby Shower Cake Saturday that I had been looking forward to all week). Luckily, I have NOT decided to throw away cheat day yet because you should have seen the food my mom made for the super bowl. It was completely ridiculous. The menu included: Barbecue Nachos, Homemade Potato Skins, Chicken Wings, Mini-Patty Melts and chocolate, peanut butter cup cookies. I It was delicious. Oh, and congrats to the Saints on winning. Honestly, I’m not very invested in professional sports at all but I had decided to pull for the Saints because New Orleans is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite congrats guys! Also, cutest family ever:

If you guys haven’t seen the pictures/videos of Drew Brees with his son after need to look them sweet.

I am getting a bit impatient with the weight loss. I know what I said above and I mean it. I need to give myself a swift kick in the behind. At the same time, the thought that I have a year, maybe more before I get even close to what I want is frustrating. I would like to lose about...oh I don’t know...40 pounds...RIGHT NOW! I want 40 pounds down to be my new starting point. Ugh, I need motivation. One thing motivating me right now is the fact that I plan on choosing a different type of workout to try at night once a week. I am still going to do the elliptical 4 times a week but it won’t kill me to try new things. I think I’m going to start with a video that Cass bought:

She’s from The Biggest Loser and even though she gets on my nerves, the workout is only 20 minutes and it’s supposed to kick your butt.

Next week I might try something that up until this point has been a colossal waste of money:

I ordered the DVD only from this place because I thought it might be fun and of course they sent me and charged me for a feather boa and a weighted ball. Um, I don’t need a feather boa to work out. Anyway, I had to send it all back and it took forever for them to take the charges off. What’s worse is that I haven’t even opened the dang DVD.

Also, it’s getting closer and closer to summer and I have a pool at my apartment and that’s always fun. Finally, I want to practice actual running from time to time even though it is usually a very painful experience.

I think I will lose more weight trying something new in addition to the exercise I get so I’m excited to try.

I will report these as I do them.

Have a great night!

"If I could reach the stars I'd pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart so you could see the truth
That this love I have inside is everything it seems
But for now I find it's only in my dreams

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You will think my love was really something good
Baby if I could change the world

If I could be king even for a day
I'd take you as my queen I'd have it no other way
And our love will rule in this kingdom we have made
Till then I'd be a fool wishin' for the day

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You will think my love was really something good
Baby if I could change the world
Baby if I could change the world" Change The World-Eric Clapton

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  1. I need your pep talk too! Just remember how far you've come and how amazing you have done so far! I am so proud of you!!!

    Also, I can't wait to hear how your new work out regimes go.


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