Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To tan or not to tan? I choose not.

I’ll skip the play by play of the last day or so (I’ll discuss “When In Rome” tomorrow and I didn’t get to do Flirty Girl Fitness last night so I will also save it for tomorrow) and go right into a rant.

I know people who judge others for the way they dress and look. Now, don’t get me wrong, if your clothes are extremely tight or your boobs are out at work, I’ve been known to judge. I’m not always perfect and YES I do talk about people but I know some folks who will call you out for the way you fix your hair or whether you tan or not. “Oh my God, she wears her hair back every day” or “I can’t believe she NEVER wears heels!” I mean get a grip. What kills me is when people look you up and down and then express disdain for what you are wearing or even worse, they passively insult what someone else has on that is similar to what you are wearing.

I just wish that people had something better to do than to examine how I dress or how tan I am. I think the tanning one pisses me off the most. Who decided that tanning yourself into oblivion was the modern/best way to look? For those who DO tan, that’s your prerogative. For me, I am WAY to claustrophobic to go to a tanning bed/booth. I have been a few times but I really don’t like it. During the summer, I lay out a little bit but it’s too hot to lay there for hours...I guess it’s just not my thing. I have had many people look me up and down when I’ve worn a skirt or dress and said, I just can’t wear anything like that right now because I’m too white. That’s what you want to do. If you WANT to be tan, that’s fine...I just don’t really care. I will admit that I think I look my best when I’ve been in the sun a few hours and I have that rosy cheek thing going on and I definitely look forward to those days in the summer. I can guarantee you I’ve spent enough time gathering harmful UV rays because I have the freckles to prove it...I just don’t want to look like this one day:

I am perfectly content with my legs looking like this:

That’s fresh mozzarella in case you were wondering.

I’ve been around enough artificial sweeteners and tobacco products in my life to cause many types of cancer, I don’t need to get melanoma on top of that just because someone said we have to be tan to be pretty.

I hope I’m not offending those people who go to the tanning bed because that is not my intention. The only thing that I ask is that you keep an open mind and not judge those who don’t tan...AND don’t think you HAVE to tan to be cute. In my opinion, I think some of the most beautiful women are pale:

So-For me, I think I will stay OUT of the tanning bed (and NO, I was not saying I look like them because I don’t tan, I didn’t say it was beautiful to be pasty white AND fat). I really hope I don’t eat my words one day but my lack of extra money will certainly help. What do y’all think? I guess on the other hand, you only live once and if that’s what makes you feel pretty...then by all means.

I hope y’all have a great night!

“A face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are!” Freckles-Natasha Bedingfield


  1. Miss Heather, I am a lucky girl because I don't have to tan for obvious reasons. I like to think I have the best of both worlds. My biracial heritage means I can be light or dark skinned. I think that if you tan, be realistic. There is a point when it becomes freaky...for intance if you are light complected, don't get darker than me. I'm black, it looks natural on me. But if you're not black and you've tanned yourself darker than me, well....that's just wrong and creepy. -HAG

  2. OMG that picture is DISGUSTING!

    I personally think you are beautifulin every shade ! And, I agree with you...tanning and all of that stuff should be a personal choice. To each their own.


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