Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Thought Pink On Friday!

As I said yesterday, I had a fun weekend but wanted to wait until today to tell you about it because I have a few pics to share. Aside from the fact that I enjoyed BBQ, Zaxby’s and steak (not all in one meal), I also went to the pink meet Friday night with Jordan and his family. I think I already told y’all that the Alabama Gymnastics team holds a pink meet every year in order to raise money for breast cancer. My mom and Oma love the gym meets and so does Jordan’s family. Honestly, I like going alright but it’s not my favorite sport to go to...but I love the pink meet. I love everything the coach/team/university does for breast cancer. This year, they honored Jordan’s Aunt Angel at the meet. Her husband and children got to light a candle in a little ceremony before the meet and they mentioned her on the jumbotron before the meet started. It was so cool. It was one of those bittersweet moments because while all the Pittmans and Burnettes were there in her honor, it was just a reminder that she wasn’t there. She loved gymnastics. Anyway, it was really sweet and the whole thing was cool. They wear pink outfits, light luminaries outside and change all of the street lights to pink. I posted some pictures so you can see. You will also see a picture of Linda Fikes. She is a cancer survivor as well...and also Angel’s cousin...and also a VERY nice lady! It was a nice night. I know that I won’t ever go to a pink meet and NOT think of Angel.

Here are the pics:

Tonight, I’m going to see In The Loop with Nichole at the Bama Theatre. I think it is nominated for writing at the Oscars. It’s supposed to be pretty funny. We are going to Moe’s beforehand so that always makes me happy. I went to Newk’s for lunch with my Mom. I looked up the nutrition facts before we went and supposedly the bowl of chicken and dumpling soup was only 3 points. I got there and it was a GIANT bowl of soup. There is no way that thing was only 3 points...I ate most of it though. When you put it in front of me...I can’t even help it. It was SO good.

One last thing...please say a prayer or think good thoughts about my friend Stacey and her son Alex. Alex is 3 and he has a hernia. He is having it removed tomorrow so if y’all could remember him for me that’d be great!

I typed up the lyrics below and I just realized they may be slightly inappropriate but they go with the pink theme!

“Pink...it’s my new obsession...yeah
Pink...it’s not even a question...

Pink...it was love at first site...yeah
Pink...when I turn out the light
Yeah, pink...it’s like red but not quite
And I think everything is going to be alright
No matter what we do tonight.” Pink-Aerosmith

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  1. I wish there was a "like" button for your blog posts. How awesome would that be?! Love these pics!

    BTW - SO glad you got some Zaxby's! :)


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