Friday, March 12, 2010

Au Revoir!!!

First thing is first-American Idol. Spoiler alert. Also, if you don’t watch Idol...feel free to skip down. I will start first with the 4 that were cut last night:

This is the reason I have a love/hate relationship with this show. The guys that were kicked off were acceptable. I think there were probably slightly better choices but overall...neither Todrick or Mullet Dude were going to win and it was time for them to go. As far as the girls go, NEITHER of those girls deserved to get kicked off. I will say who I thought should have left later. Both Katelyn Epperly & Lilly Scott deserved to stay. They aren’t the BEST but Katelyn was cute and could sing and Lilly, though her hair is not my favorite, can sing and stood out in the crowd. Honestly, my number 1 pick for the person that should have gone home is Kara Dioguardi. She is SO FREAKING annoying. I venture to say that she is more annoying than Paula. Here’s expect Paula to be obnoxious. As Jordan said so wisely the other day, Kara SHOULD be a good judge. She is in the industry and she is a great writer. Instead, she is overly dramatic and just extremely annoying.

Anyway-Here are the top 12, however deserving or undeserving some of them may be.

Aaron Kelly: I am thinking he won’t last long. He seems very sweet but he is no David Archuleta. He’s only 16 so I think his voice could improve but I don’t think there is any place for him in the industry or on the show.

Andrew Garcia: I know Andrew has gotten tough criticism from the judges but I really like him. I want him to do better because I think he has a great voice and he is really talented.

Casey James: I think he is alright. He’s cute and can play the electric guitar really well. I think is voice is just OK. He is very shaky but overall he’s pretty decent.

Crystal Bowersox:

I put pictures by a couple of my favorites. In my opinion, up to this point, there is NO ONE that has even come close to her talent or voice. She may be a touch odd and she may not have the most appealing grill (all of these things can be fixed) but she’s cute and has amazing talent. She is consistently good and I think(hope) she will stick around for a long time.

Didi Benami: Despite the fact that she cries too much, I think she is cute and can sing pretty well. I think she needs to ALWAYS play the’s like she’s not an artist without it or something.

Katie Stevens: Sweet girl...SHE NEEDS TO GO. She should have NEVER made it this far. She’s not ready and pretty much every performance has been terrible. That’s all.

Lacey Brown: She can sing OK but I think she should go...I don’t care for her sound and I don’t think she’s had any redeeming moments that make me go, “Wow, she deserves to be here.”

Lee DeWyze:

I think he is PRECIOUS. He is cute, humble, has a sexy tone to his voice and he is a talented musician. Yes, I realize that he has his moments where his voice falls flat on the ground but I don’t care...all that can be touched up in the studio after he lands a record deal.

Michael Lynche: Nice, can sing...he’s pretty good. The problem is...I don’t see him as an American R & B singer maybe but not a top 40 kind of guy...and that’s fine. I hope that doesn’t make me sound mean or anything because I like him...I just don’t think he’s the BEST.

Paige Miles: Ugh...this girl is irritating the mess out of me. She can NOT perform to save her life and yet here she is...still in the competition. I feel bad because she seems sweet but come on...there are people that were way better that should have made it...that’s my opinion.

Siobhan Magnus: Ok-Now, this girl may have a touch of crazy on her face but she has some awesome moments. I think she’s growing on me...her outfits aren’t, but she is.

Tim Urban: Last...but not quite least. Cute guy...just an OK singer. He did have a good night this week but I wish Idol would put a ban on the song “Hallelujah” because I can’t help but compare that song to when Jason Castro sang it...and I loved that version. Anyway, Ellen is right...Tim is adorable but he’s nothing special to me.

My mind tends to change a lot over the course of the season while watching idol so I may be singing a different tune on all these folks before it’s all over.

Well you guys-

This will be my last blog until I return. At this time tomorrow I will be on a plane. Woot! I think we are all very excited. You needn’t worry about picture taking because I have that totally covered. I will share some pictures when I get back. Please pray for us to have a safe trip and that we enjoy Paris AND Germany!!!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, St. Patrick’s Day AND their week!!!

These were the only two songs at the moment that I could think of that had French in them...and I couldn’t think of any with German. LOL...yes, I know I’m weird.

“Je veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge
Je veux ton amour.” Bad Romance-Lady Gaga

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir?” Lady Marmalade-Patti Labelle

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  1. I agree with almost all of your American Idol thoughts. I will say though that I do care if Lee Dewyze can sing. I can't be full on if he has bad performances all the time. But last week, I was pretty impressed. I do think he seems like a great guy though. Crystal is super talented! And, if Tim Urban will stay away from his falsetto I think he'll do well.


    Also, here's some French lyrics you could have used...

    "Je t'aime beaucoup mon amour" from "I Won't Leave You Lonely" by Shania Twain


    "C'est La Vie" from the song "C'est La Vie" by Shania Twain :)


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