Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is the kind of day where I’m scared I may fall asleep at any moment. The reason for this fatigue is due to the fact that I was pretty much a goddess of the treadmill this morning. If it were appropriate, I probably could have ripped my shirt in one single tug, thrown it on the ground and climbed to the top of the PARA building...OK...that may be a bit of an exaggeration. I felt pretty empowered. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed but I managed to pick myself up, one limb at a time. I procrastinated by checking my phone and reading and other things. I finally decided to get started with stomach crunches...and not the kind I usually do where I lay in my bed covered up and lift my head up 100 times in a row. I actually got on the floor and did reverse crunches and bicycle crunches and my belly could tell I meant business. I then went to PARA...and proceeded to run 2 miles. I mean...obviously, I didn’t run the whole 2 miles...I’m SO not there but I ran/walked it. The first mile was 16:58 which is only 14 seconds longer than my best time before Paris. Honestly, I probably could have beaten it had I worked harder in the beginning. It wasn’t until I realized I was going to have a decent time that I sped up. I then did another mile. That one took longer but in all it took me about 36 minutes. I don’t think that’s too shabby and I’m only going to get better. When I got done, I went to the weight thingy and did reps of 10 (yes, I said reps like an exercise pro) of several of the weights and it wasn’t my usual 3 pound weights either...I was lifting 20 pounds...what?! I felt AWESOME when I left. The sun was rising and I pulled over in the cemetery across from my apartment to take a picture and I was tempted to just get out and walk around. I don’t know what has come over me but I like it. Again, I’m really tired right now but it’s so worth it. I’m done with exercise for the day (even though I may find some sort of activity this evening for an extra boost) and it made me feel pretty good.

Also, I ate like the perfect Weight Watchers princess yesterday and today I plan on doing the same. I think I’m going to fix dinner tonight. By that I mean I will make a lean cuisine and then put it on an actual plate with some veggies or something. I know I want broccoli. Did y’all know that if you sauté or bake broccoli with olive oil (or Olive Oil Pam like I will use) and some onions and’s SOOOO much better than just putting it in the microwave with no Mom bakes her broccoli like that and it is very good so I think I will try it tonight. Olive Oil isn’t TERRIBLE for you but if you don’t want to count any points for oil than I would recommend Olive Oil Pam:

It tastes alright and does the job...I think Pam makes other flavors like butter and canola too but I’m not 100% sure on that. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I make it and how it tasted.

Other than my success in the gym this morning (I hope it continues tomorrow) that’s pretty much all I have going on. I need to do some catching up on TV. My shows that come on HBO & Showtime are now on and me & Cass don’t have those channels so I will have to catch up on them later at my parents so that kind of stresses me out, plus I’m still a week behind on all my primetime shows. Basically, I have my work cut out for me. I’m sure I will work through this very stressful time. Just kidding. Oh and in other news, I am in progress on things in my life. I am gearing up to prepare my manuscript and other poems to send out and I have Nichole looking into this link she was telling me about for opportunities to teach at a community college. I need to get going on my passion which is writing and my forthcoming extra guess it’s time to get busy.

I hope everyone has a great afternoon!!!

“She says you're a masochist for falling for me,
So roll up your sleeves.
And I think that I like her, 'cuz she tells me things I don't want to hear,
Medicinal tongue in my ear.

When will it stop? When will it stop?

When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel soft, soft?

You say that my skin feels like no one else's,
That it's different somehow.
But I don't understand, isn't a hand just a hand?
No you don't understand.

When will it start? My broken part?

When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel soft, soft?


When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel all soft on the inside?
When will I feel soft, soft?

She says you're a masochist for falling for me.” Masochist-Ingrid Michaelson

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  1. Speaking of getting going on your passion of writing, I think this blog is an excellently written one. As I was reading the entire first part of it I got cracked up. I love your writing style!


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