Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY!

It is SO nasty outside here today. I am almost sure that after all of these earthquakes and now the flash flooding today that someone out there is convinced they have received a message to build an ark. The bridges and roads are flooded and people CAN’T drive when that happens. It’s ridiculous. There is a bridge on my way to work and if you are in the left lane when it’s raining, the car on the other side of the bridge will inevitably drive through a puddle and slam your car with water. It’s kind of like standing on that bridge at Six Flags that is over the water ride and you get a huge gush of water in your face...that’s what it’s like...except you are driving. Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson but I saw someone today get a waterfall driven into their window and they almost ran off the road. It’s pretty hazardous out there right now. It has been storming since last night...I couldn’t sleep at all. For some reason when it is storming and it is March, I’m convinced there are tornadoes outside. Perhaps it’s because I live in Alabama and if it is storming and it is March...there usually ARE tornadoes outside. So, I’m pretty tired this morning but very chatty. I have been updating all of my social networking sites quite frequently...I’m getting on my own nerves. Perhaps I need to ban myself from that and transfer my thoughts into something writing. I think while I’m in Paris I should find some inspiration. I won’t have immediate access to the internet because that crap is expensive over there so I will definitely bring my journal.

I ran a mile again today! I did a mile on the elliptical first and then did a mile on the treadmill. This time instead of walking 2 minutes and then running 1 minute, I walked 1-1/2 minutes and then ran 1-1/2 minutes. I ran it in 17 minutes and 44 seconds this time. I don’t remember my exact time from yesterday but I think that shaved off about 30 seconds. I know that seems like a long time but I was pretty proud. I didn’t realize how far a mile was. Honestly, it felt/feels like I ran 14 miles. I totally understand now why people say that running is the best exercise because I feel it. I feel it in my shins, thighs, butt, back, belly and eyeballs. It hurts to laugh. The funny thing is that it really is a love/hate relationship. As hard as it is, I feel really accomplished when I do it. I was sweating so was disgusting. I was telling someone that afterward, I felt like I had mowed the grass in the summertime in Alabama. I felt hot from the inside out...but I am so glad I did it. I’m going again tomorrow. I’m going to try and go a mile and half or two miles depending on how I feel. I want to push myself...but not too much. I don’t want to give up. Plus, tomorrow will be the last time I have a designated “work-out” until I get back from Paris so I need to make it count.

So, you know how I told you that I ate like a crazy person yesterday? Well, it leaked all into dinner too. I wanted a pepperoni pizza so I ordered one. When the guy got there, he said they were out of large pizzas so they brought me two mediums. First of all, I thought that Pizza Hut was able to dictate how large a pizza is with the dough. Second, the only reason I got a large was because that was what the coupon was for but I ended up with two mediums. My roommate is out of town for a few days so it was me and two pizzas. Ugh, I still have like a whole pizza and a half in the refrigerator. I’m trying to be good today...and I am so far...but having a mountain of pizza in my apartment is making it hard. I will fight the is gonna be a good day.

Ok-I am in full Paris mode now. We just have to make it through the flight and we will be good. I won’t say any names but we got a couple folks in the group that aren’t too pleased about flying...but it will be all good. I got travel pillows and things are coming together. I may start packing like planning ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

“I'm so excited,
And I just can't hide it,
I'm about to lose control
And I think I like it.
I'm so excited,
And I just can't hide it,
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you, want you.


Let's get excited,
And we just can't hide it,
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.
I'm so excited,
And I just can't hide it,
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you, want you.” I’m So Excited-The Pointer Sisters

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