Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Eat This, Not That" - David Zinczenko

I got to bed late last night and did the thing where I couldn’t get to sleep until 11 and then woke up at 12:30 thinking it was time to get up. About 5 minutes after that, I heard a very big knock at my front door and then it sounded like someone was in the roommate wasn’t there but I was SO freaked out that I called her and made her and her boyfriend come make sure no one was there. Luckily, everything was fine but there was no way I was going to get any sleep after that. I laid in bed wide awake for a long time. I finally got to sleep but when 5:30 came around there was no way that I could get up so now I have to walk after work...I DESPISE working out after work. Anyway, I gotta do what I gotta do right? I may even do it again tomorrow...I need a good night of sleep. I think I will skip trivia night tonight and lay low. Before I sleep though I HAVE to see Whitney! She is in town this weekend so I’m excited to see her.

The only thing I really wanted to show you today is some links and a book that I am loving (I don’t actually have it but I would love to read it). David Zinczenko, author of “Eat This, Not That!”, is always doing segments on the Today Show.

I really like him because even though we all know we could make better choices at restaurants, we don’t REALLY know the magnitude of some dishes. I especially love when he makes comparisons like...if you eat one of the chicken pasta dishes (not sure which one) from Cheesecake Factory (probably my favorite restaurant and one of the worst places to eat) it’s like eating 62 pieces of bacon. The Kid’s Alfredo dish could eat 40 chicken nuggets. It’s comparisons like those that really make you think. Sure, a dinner that exceeds 2,000 calories sounds bad but if they tell you that you can eat 3 Big Macs’s kind of an eye opener. He also tells you the worst of the worst in side dishes and desserts (I included some links below, hopefully they will work...if Eat This, Not That and you will find the same things I did). The worst food used to be Outback’s cheesy, bacony, ranchy fries but now they have topped themselves...a full rack of ribs there is 3,021 calories and I think over 200 grams of fat...I

Anyway, if you really think about what you are eating before you eat may change your mind...or you may know it doesn’t matter what I know about the food sometimes...I still want it.

Here are the links:

This is one from the Today Show:

Some examples from that link:

Worst chicken appetizer

Outback Steakhouse Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla
• 2,141 calories
• 133 g fat (61 g saturated fat)
• 3,477 mg sodium

Worst chicken entree in America

The Cheesecake Factory Farfalle with Chicken and Roasted Garlic
• 2,579 calories
• 62 g saturated fat
• 1,983 mg sodium

20 Best Restaurant Foods

20 Worst Restaurant Foods

Enjoy...mostly these just make you depressed and like Jordan said earlier...hungry.

Hopefully there will be no more weird instances this evening and I will sleep well...I hope the same for you all!

“Big girls need love too...” I Like The Way You Move-Outkast

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  1. This is so it totally makes me hungry. I think it's a shame too that these restaurants make and promote these ridiculously unhealthy foods. But, when people continue to eat them, I guess it becomes their own problem.


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