Monday, April 26, 2010


Well y’all...weigh in was good to me this week! I lost 2 pounds last week bringing my total loss to 61 pounds! I changed my picture (finally) and despite the fact that I think it outlines my large head, it’s a pretty decent one. I was looking at my weight tracker thing on Weight Watchers sight and I was at 50 pounds at the end of December so it took me 4 months to lose 10 pounds. That says to me that I need to have more weeks like the last one where I know I’m doing the right things. I don’t mean to say that to diminish the fact that I got to 60 because I’m very happy but I definitely am keeping that knowledge to use for the future.

For instance, as soon as I learned of my 2 pound loss...I proceeded to eat like I haven’t ever eaten before for 2 days. I don’t know if you all remember this or not but I used to only have ONE cheat day on the weekends...NOT TWO. My goal this Saturday is to be good. Even though it’s tempting to run and eat after the weigh in...I need to try to count all my points on Saturday’s and only cheat on Sundays. I know that this will be tough...Saturday’s are always the toughest days to count points but I know I will have better results if I only have one cheat day. All the food sure was good though. I think I remember telling you all that I felt like I was losing weight again...and I was right. I’m not feeling it so much right now though...I’m still recovering from the weekend.

Anyway, onward I suppose. I have to say I MISS those down 2 pound loss weigh felt good. This weekend was fun. The weather on Friday and Saturday was totally horrendous. There were tornados to the west, north & south of us and it rained like crazy. That ruined the Crawfish boil which I kind of felt bad about because of all the money that was invested. I did however get to enjoy the weekend with Jordan. We went to two poetry readings for the Slash Pine Poetry festival. I got to see a creative writing teacher I had in college and one of my mentors from grad school that was fun. I also got to do a little karaoke Saturday night. It was overall a good weekend and the food included but was not limited to Jimmy Johns, BBQ, boneless wings, hamburgers, biscuits & gravy and other delicious and terrible was RIDICULOUS. I am surprised at my lack of picture taking these days but I didn’t really take any this weekend except for the “Down 60” pictures and one of me and Jordan so I posted those below.

I hope the rest of your Monday is grand!


This was how I felt Saturday after I weighed:

“It was the perfect day
What I'd give if I could find a way to stay
Lost in this moment now
Ain't worried about tomorrow
When you're busy livin in a perfect day.” Perfect Day-Lady Antebellum


  1. I never can figure out how to comment on this thing so I am going to write a lot now that it seems to be working.
    First, thanks for the shoutout a little while back. You are always welcome to sleep on my floor/couch.
    Second, you look amazing!
    Third, I hate I missed hearing you sing Saturday night. I think you should do a show at Capture before I leave town since I didn't get to go last time...

  2. HOLY HE**! WOWZA- What a difference! Keep it up. In the picture above you and Jordan-- your hair actually looks big on your face. Wish I could loose 60 pounds...or 15 for that matter. You are really putting it down! -HAG

  3. CONGRATS!!! OMG, you're doing SO well!!!

    I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend together. I had so much fun!

    You look great in the new pic, and our pic together is so adorable!


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