Friday, October 22, 2010

Headed To Beat The Vols At Rocky Top!

We are one week away from Halloween Weekend! Obviously, I am SOOO excited! I hope the next week goes by fast! One thing that will help is that I still have a lot of work to do on costumes AND I am going to the Alabama/Tennessee game this weekend in Knoxville with my Dad.

That picture still brings a smile to my face. That block was part of the most exciting few minutes of football that I have EVER seen…probably THE most exciting. Honestly, as awesome as that moment was, I am really hoping for a much less close game. I always want to win but I especially want to win because A) It’s Tennessee and we always want to beat them and B) We are driving all the way to Knoxville for the game…we BETTER win. We are driving to Chattanooga after the game and spending the night so we can have lunch with the family on Sunday so it should be a nice weekend.

I am hoping to lose a little this Saturday because I know that Halloween will be rough…I plan on consuming more than one tiny Snickers…I’m just saying…so I’ve been extra good this week in preparation. You know, a girl at work and I were talking about how you can look in the mirror and see yourself one way when everyone else sees you differently. She told me she saw a show where someone asked a girl to draw an outline of herself on the ground…she drew a very large figure on the ground…then she laid down and the lady with her drew an actual outline of her and the real outline was MUCH smaller than what the girl drew. It’s amazing how people (especially women) have a totally negative outlook on their appearance. I have lost a good amount of weight and I am proud of that accomplishment but not a day goes by that I don’t find something to take away from my weight loss. I always joke about how sad it is that I’ve lost 78 pounds and I’m still really chubby. I also have a running internal dialogue that is constantly analyzing and worrying about my stretch marks, wide hips and hanging arm fat. I rarely ever let myself just enjoy my successes. Why is that? Why do we belittle the good things we do and magnify the things we don’t like? I’m not sure why we think the way we do but I will vow to TRY to stop picking out all of the small things I don’t like about myself and focus on the good.

It has been a ridiculously busy day so I don’t really have much else.

Please keep me and my Dad in your thoughts…hope that we have a safe/successful trip to and from Tennessee this weekend.

Have a fun/safe weekend!

Roll Tide!!!

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