Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Well, I’m back to eating right. Blech...this sucks. I’m hungry. Oh well, I have to say that it’s pretty surreal not having a school deadline looming over my head. I don’t hate this feeling but I do hope that it doesn’t cause me to procrastinate in my venture for publication. I won’t let it and my nagging mother probably won’t let it either. I am excited about Thanksgiving! I am going to be eating that day I think. I would be miserable if I tried to count points but Friday and Saturday are going to be good days. I CAN DO THIS!

So-my coworker introduced me to Silly Bandz today. They are little bracelets that come in different shapes and colors and when you put them on it looks like you are wearing a rubber band. Actually, I think for people with smaller wrists, the bracelets are loose and twirl up sometimes but on my wrist, they just look like rubber bands stretched to the limit. I took pictures of course...

See-they are pretty cute. I had her get me some because if I am not in trend with 8 year old girls then who am I really?

Anyway-this morning I found out that my gym would be closed this Thursday and Friday. Thursday I expected but Friday kind of sucks...especially since I was like OH WELL-I GUESS I CAN’T EXERCISE ON FRIDAY. That got me to thinking about all the excuses I have ever used for not exercising. There are a lot out there and I no longer find them valid for myself or anyone else. For example, I have no arches in my feet. I truly have the flattest feet I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous. Because of this, I often experience excruciating pain in my feet and ankles when I walk or run. I had surgery a few years ago on one of my feet and that certainly made a difference until I gained wait. I can’t tell you how many times I have used my fat, archless, swollen ankle having feet as an excuse NOT to exercise.

I mean, look at this:

They are pretty bad...you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for me to find shoes wide enough and that also offer support. Anyway, I used to say that these old boat paddles that I have hurt too much to exercise. The truth is, I really can’t walk or run without hurting pretty bad...but I did find out that I can swim, and do the elliptical...neither of which put any impact on my feet. So, you see, it’s really not a good excuse. I also tend to blame my knees for not exercising. My weight also has a lot to do with the terrible knee pain that I experience every day. Swimming, again, doesn’t hurt my knees and honestly, the elliptical doesn’t either but I have heard that it kills some people’s knees.

One last thing is that I have an underactive thyroid. I have to take medicine. It makes me tired and arguably more mean but it doesn’t prevent me from moving. As a matter of fact, since I have lost weight and begun exercising...my thyroid has stabilized more and the next time I go to the doctor...he will probably lower my medication.

The point is that you shouldn’t use injury or pain as a reason not to exercise. I will say that in some circumstances, doctors will tell you not to be too strenuous when working out problem areas and clearly, you should listen to a doctor before me but if you can’t use your arms, use your legs, if you can’t use your legs, use your arms. I am a believer that mobility is key. I used to try and convince myself otherwise but it’s just the truth. Move around somehow...whether it’s gardening (which I would never do but some people actually like it), house projects, babysitting or something.

I guess I’m a hypocrite because I say all this and here I am dreaming of a 4 day weekend that involves more eating than movement but you get my point. I will try and get my brother to throw the football with me for exercise...there...I worked it out.

Have a good evening!

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  1. My arch is so high the middle of my feet don't touch the floor, so it totally sucks finding shoes that offer support. Keep at it!


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