Friday, November 6, 2009


Oh Snap! I just got my 13th follower. Thank you Cass! Also, you guys need to share how you got pictures if you have them because no one else can figure it out. If you don’t have a picture...try again...maybe whatever was wrong with it works now. I didn’t blog yesterday because I had to go into jury duty. Even though we weren’t in there the entire day, it was still pretty excruciating. I also went to work during my lunch break so yesterday sucked. We had to go case by case (all 600 of them) and make sure we had written everything down right. I am not sad that I don’t have to do it again until December.

What I am excited about is the Bama-LSU game tomorrow! Assuming we win, I plan on having loads of fun. I wish I could have a hotdog but maybe I will just stare really hard at someone eating one and maybe I can pretend I’m eating it through osmosis or something. I try it all the time with food hasn’t been successful yet but I’ll let you know.

I wanted to take a brief moment today (because that’s all I have) to give a major shout out to a couple of eating establishments that have AMAZING nutritional information listed on their site. I might have mentioned these before but I’m not sure.

The first is Jimmy John’s. I brag on them often because you can go on their site, choose the sandwich you want and adjust it. For instance, if you want the Vito but don’t like mayo and tomato, you can take those off and it will recalculate the nutritional information. It’s awesome.

The next is Moe’s. It pretty much works the same way. You can figure out what your burrito is with a tortilla, without one, with cheese and sour cream, with olives and so on. It’s great.

I love places that are adopting this because more and more people everyday are beginning to check on these sort of thank you Jimmy John’s and Moe’s. I hope you have these places in your area! If not, come visit me in Tuscaloosa and I will take you. I also appreciate those that have nutritional facts even though they aren’t so’re doing your part too. My only nitpicky thing is...if you are going to have the nutritional facts...please put fiber on them...fiber is the new black...nobody worth their weight in fat looks for nutrition facts without looking at fiber these days....just a suggestion.

I’m sure you were all wondering how we did in trivia since we had seven people...two of them parents...well I have to was the worst showing for us in a long time. We couldn’t get anything right...the questions were really hard. It’s a good thing we don’t go only to win because if we did we would be in trouble.

Well, roll tide and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! In between football, I will be preparing for school which I leave for on Friday. Crap...I just realized I’ll be flying on Friday 13th. That’s freaky. I plan on doing a blog next week about my program and residency and graduation so you will know what the heck I’m talking about and realize that I am going to be a MASTER in about 2 weeks!!!

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  1. I am also amazed at how many restaurants do not provide nutritional facts. I love JJ's and Moe's for doing that! It really helps!

    Also, I can't tell you enough how proud of you I am for getting your Masters Degree!!!


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