Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I think something bounced up into my undercarriage.

Sometimes there are days when I can’t think of things to day. I think to myself, “Great, I have writer’s block.” I’m only supposed to have that when I write for school. This is supposed to be a place to say anything I want without having to worry about someone judging my syntax or punctuation. Today, I had several thoughts and I put them down for future use so, my blog writer’s block isn’t really a problem today. *Also, I would rather not hear any diatribes from those who say writer’s block doesn’t exist. I’m not in the mood.* I mention that because I want to stop being so obsessive about things. If I don’t have anything to say, I could either opt out of the blog for the day or just simply state that I don’t have anything to say...but that’s not really me. I’m the kind of person that obsesses over things. Because of jury duty, I’m missing two weeks of work in 3 months, I have to be out a week of school and in March, my family and I are going to Paris for a week. Only one of these weeks is technically a vacation but I am still freaking out. Not only do I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m doing my part at work but I am petrified they are going to be mad at me. I work in a very laid back environment. If you get your work done then you are pretty much good...and I do get my work done...and then some...very quickly. I have already been told by my boss that he knows I can’t help the jury duty but I still feel uneasy. Essentially, I’m a worry wart. I think I need a nerve pill.

Speaking of things that I worry about...I wanted to talk about a couple of “problem areas” that I have noticed won’t get better even as I do so well in weight loss. The first issue is what we in the overweight business call the “Hello-Goodbye arm.” (For the record, I looked for pics online of both of the “disorders” I would be speaking of and quite frankly they were a little too extreme) The “Hello-Goodbye Arm” is located on the underside of your upper arm. It is basically excess fat that hangs down so when you wave hello at someone with your hand, immediately, the fat on your arm graciously waves goodbye. It is actually convenient if you think about it. Imagine, killing two birds with one stone...if you say hello to someone and also say goodbye another person. Really saves a lot of time. The only problem to this is that it is mildly unattractive. The fat under your arm is extremely hard to get rid of for some reason. I started lifting these little 3 pound weights and doing sets of 15 above my head, below my head, to the side and nothing seems to work. I mean I know that they are only 3 pounds but I didn’t want to start with 10 and pull something. Anyway, I would really like to alleviate this problem.

The other issue I have would be what some call, “Dunlap Disease.” This is where your belly has “done lapped” over your belt buckle...or something like that. In my circle, we refer to this unsightly belly fat as our undercarriage or a pooch. Basically, you have an undercarriage when you can lift the bottom of your belly up and move it around. SOMETIMES, you might even find lost things like napkins, loose change and every once in a while something like a cheerio or French fry finds its way down there. It’s funny because I don’t know how things get there. Sometimes, I purposefully store my phone in there if I’m busy. The point is, I have plenty of other ways to store my cell phone. It’s time for this thing to go. It’s like as I’ve lost weight, I can tell in my face, upper body, thighs and everywhere...just not in that bottom belly fat. UGH! I do crunches but it’s like my Mom says, most people don’t do them right. Half the time, I do them in my bed and I only do a 100. I might as well not be doing them.

Anybody got any suggestions? I know I don’t have a lot of readers but if anyone...ANYONE comes across this blog and has the solution to the “hanging” fat that won’t go away...I would be ever so grateful. I’ve disturbed myself on this blog...I have to say...I hope I haven’t disturbed anyone else...that’s why I didn’t include pictures.

It’s TRIVIA NIGHT!!! I’m extra excited about it today for some reason. I think both of Jordan’s parents are coming and my Mom is still on board so all of these factors should make us a contender.

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