Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that Thanksgiving isn’t until tomorrow but I doubt that I will make time for blogging in between casseroles and pies. I’m just being honest. I plan on blogging Friday about how awesome all the food was and about football, but tomorrow, I will just shut up and eat. I hope you all do the same...if you are being hardcore about your diet and you are filling your plate with only turkey breasts and steamed carrots or green beans: I’m so sorry for your loss...congrats on your dedication and I’m sure you will be losing way more weight than me this week.

I would like to take time to give thanks for a bunch of things. My weight loss venture doesn’t define me but it is a part of me along with so many other things that make me who I am which is why I share more with you than just what I eat for dinner every day. What I’m trying to say is that in the spirit of giving thanks...I have a lot to be thankful for in every aspect of my life. First, I’m thankful foro God for loving me even though I am not the nicest, most appropriate person all the time...and I give him a pretty hard time sometimes for things that I consider unjust. I am also thankful for my family (especially my Mom, Dad and brother) for always being supportive. I am thankful for my friends: Jordan, Whitney, Cassandra, Nichole, Marques, Stacey...etc, etc. I have many friends and that is really special. I am thankful for how spoiled I am and how I have never gone hungry or without clothes or shelter. I am thankful to Angel Burnett who blessed so many while she was alive and she still blesses me now. One of my followers was a friend of hers and as my mother said, “She’s giving back.” Angel made me realize how much I take for granted and that I complain...A LOT...about trivial things. I know I will miss her this holiday season so I can only imagine how difficult it will be for her family so I am thankful for their strength as they celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am thankful to the military who risk their lives every day for us. I’m thankful for my dog, Harry Potter, cheese, 16 followers (even though two of them are my Dad for some reason), the Food Network and chocolate cake. See-the list goes on. I know that it seems cheesy to list the things your thankful for. I know that many times, I think that I have it bad and I hear people complain constantly about how awful their life is but if you stop and actually think about what all you truly’s not so bad.

I’m even thankful for the mold in our wretched rental house...OK...I’m not thankful for that but I am thankful that I have a place to live. Thanksgiving will be different this year because my parents no longer have a kitchen to speak of due to one pesky little leak and Mom and I will be cooking in a couple of different places but all 5 of us will eat together tomorrow.

It also makes me want to help those who are less fortunate. I mean ... not everyone can say they have as much as I do...I have got to start contributing to society a bit more.

I hope I wasn’t too sappy for you...I’m not generally a sappy person but that is what Thanksgiving is for right? Well, if I didn’t do this sarcastic, rant-like blog justice today...I’m sorry...I think I made up for it though by including cartoons below!

I wish for everyone to have a safe and happy thanksgiving!!!


  1. Great blog! I think it's very important for us to remember all the things we've been blessed with, even when things are difficult.

    I'm certainly very thankful for you! (love!)

    I also appreciate the kind things you said about Angel. She truly did touch so many people. And, even though more than anything I wish she were here to spend the holidays with, I'm going to do my best to remember all the good memories we were able to make.

  2. I am thankful for you as well...and I love the first cartoon!


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