Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hanging in the Ville!

So-this is me in my hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky. I am going through my very last rigorous MFA residency week. I haven't had much spare time so I am taking this opportunity to give a quick hello.

In case you were wondering, I am eating pretty badly. I had not one but two cookies today. My stomach is not liking me at this point so I guess that's punishment. The school provides many of the meals. Most of the time they are pretty good but one of the caterer's that they use tends to use a crap ton of olive oil in their food and quite honestly I'm feeling a little vomit-ish tonight. The one good thing is that I am walking...a lot and I am going to work out AT LEAST 3 mornings this week. I am going to force myself. I am not looking forward to the post-Thanksgiving weigh in that I will have to endure. But-after hearing people say such sweet things about how I have changed since last time and after feeling so sick from eating this food...I'm anxious to get back on the bandwagon.

As you can see below, I wore my Alabama shirt today even though I couldn't be at the game or at home watching the game. I wanted to show my support. In fact, I may or may not have elected to come back to the hotel to watch the game instead of participating in the event happening right now for school. ;) I hope I get a chance to fill you in more later in the week!


  1. Roll Tide! And we miss you! Congrats on the lecture going well! Mom

  2. Oh Great Master....If anything I've learned in the last week it's how dependent I've become on your daily blog. I need the comic relief back, I'm in withdrawal. Already with the whole graduation hum-drum! :)


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