Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are You [Health] Nuts?!

Hi everyone! I hope your Tuesday has been swell. Mine has been OK. I’m pretty irritated because I didn’t get my steps again yesterday. UGH! I guess I am just destined to walk all dang day when I’m not working. I have GOT to start getting enough every day or I’m not going to make it. I’m going walking after work, then Wal-Mart (if I have time) and then I have a softball game tonight at 9:15 so if I don’t get all of my steps in today...then I’m just screwed. Also, I had Chinese food for lunch. It was good and it’s not supposed to be that bad for you but they gave me HUGE servings. It was truly too much but as someone with a fat spirit, I can’t stop eating if the food is in front of me. I wish I would have taken a picture. Seriously, if I would have combined the two scoops of rice into one...it would’ve been as big as a soccer ball. Next time, I am going to split it in half right away and eat the other half for dinner or something. Blech...it made me feel sick. I had to go to the dentist as well earlier and that always sucks but other than all that...it’s been a perfectly acceptable day.

Tomorrow is Cindo de Mayo!!! I’m not sure yet but I usually do SOMETHING on this day...I mean...nothing special but I at least eat Mexican food...you know show my support and all. What I REALLY want is some spare time to hang out with Whitney. I’ve been waiting on them to move back here forever and I’ve barely seen her. I know they are so busy...they have a real nice setup...maybe I will get a free night soon.

Last night was fun...I went up to Birmingham and Jordan and I went to Logan’s for his birthday. They had this Health Nut menu which was great because it meant there was options. Everything on the menu is under 550 calories. Since I don’t know the exact measurements, I figured each of the meals was about 12 points. They had steak and seafood but I got the grilled pork chops. You get two decent sized pork chops (honestly you are probably only supposed to get one) which is good...and don’t get me wrong...the meat tasted fine. The only problem I have is that the meals are served with broccoli and a “Health Nut” salad. The broccoli is fine but the salad consists of lettuce, WAY too many shredded carrots and tomatoes. It was served with this gooey fat free Italian dressing. G-UH-ROSS. I don’t like tomatoes or carrots unless they are cooked so it was pretty much just lettuce that was kind of brown and nasty fat free dressing. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a health nut but I would say that most health nuts try to put a little variety in their food. If I were going to have a salad with fat free dressing and no cheese, meat or croutons...it would have broccoli, onions, cucumbers and GOOD lettuce. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with just a few pieces of sliced turkey or ham and a little low fat cheese. I mean JEEZ. I was offended. Again, I wish I would have taken a picture. Oh well. I hate to complain too much because I honestly do applaud ANY place that offers options and after the salad and the little portion of broccoli...I was relieved to see 2 pork chops on my plate.

I posted the “Health Nut” menu from Logan’s below in case you are interested. I always think you guys should know when I try something new. (You may have to click it to be able to actually see it and open it up in another window. If not, you can always go to their site.)

Anyway, there is a softball game tonight...I’ll admit I’m not thrilled about it because it starts at 9:15 which is about 45 minutes after my bedtime but...I’ll live.

Have a lovely evening and a good day tomorrow!

“I always wanted to get married, and I thought you were the one
But you never, ever asked me, and I was tired of hangin' on
You know a girl can only be let down so many times before she runs
And now this little bitty town's only got room for one of us, yeah

You always said I'd never leave, and if I did I wouldn't go far
So I know how I must look, with my tank 'a gas and beat up heart
Well baby, I'm gone for good, you can count on that
Yeah, I'm gonna keep headin' west 'til I'm too far gone to come back, yeah

And If I'm not over you by the time I get to Georgia
Then I guess I'll be Alabama bound
There was a time when I'd do anything for you
But this time, baby, oh [HO] I won't turn around

I only got ten miles to go before I cross the state line
I can feel my hands shakin'
'Cause they usually turn the wheel around about this time
I heard that same ol' voice inside, I had to drown it out
So I found me a radio station playin' something fast
And I turned it up real loud

And If I'm not over you by the time I get to Georgia
Then I guess I'll be Alabama bound
There was a time when I'd do anything for you
But this time, baby, oh [HO] I won't turn around.” Georgia-Carolyn Dawn Johnson

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  1. - Good luck getting all your steps in! I know it's frustrating when you're behind, but I know you've got plenty of time to make it up!

    - Thank you SO much for making my birthday so awesome!!! It was great!!!

    - Another AWESOME song choice...and I love the [HO] interjections!!!


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