Thursday, May 6, 2010

Um, Happy Seis de Mayo?

I apologize for the title of this one...I couldn’t think of anything.

Howdy! I hope everyone had a good Cinco de Mayo. I did...I went over to Whitney’s and she made an awesome dinner. I LOVE Mexican food...especially if it’s made at home. It was good...I had a taco and a burrito and chips and yeah...I probably went over a smidge in points but it WAS a holiday right?

Here’s something else I did last night and before I tell you this I want to preface by saying that I had NOT been drinking...though it might make more sense if I had been. I met Cassandra after I went to Whitney’s at a Mexican place in town. I got there way later than them so they were all inside so I just parked and walked in. When we were going to leave I couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE. I looked in my purse, under the table and everywhere. Finally, I walked outside just in case I had dropped them. When I got outside, I looked and my headlights were on, my keys were in the ignition and the car was RUNNING. Instead of turning the key off and locking the door and all after I put it in park, I just parked it and got out...I mean...who does that?! The bad thing is...I wasn’t all that surprised because I have been doing that...I will put my car in park and start to get out but I always catch myself so it was only a matter of time but I didn’t expect myself to completely forget my car was running, unlocked for anyone to take and abandoned for over an hour. Boy, I am SO absent-minded. I think my brain is always two steps ahead of my body. Oh well...I can laugh about it because it wasn’t stolen or anything but jeez...I need to be more careful.

I was thinking today that the last time I lost weight, I became content. I knew I looked better but was lacking that extra drive. I worry that will happen this time around. I think what I’m trying to say is that even though I am healthier and I weigh less...I still have a long way to go and I don’t want to just maintain and be content. I want to keep the drive...ugh...where is it though? I think after my birthday it will be better, I won’t have any reason to cheat until July 4th. My goal is to have a practically perfect June. I want to be good on every day but Sunday. I’m positive I can do that...that will help me lose and I will be driven to keep going. I have to set standards and rules for myself to succeed.

Ok-There is another softball game tonight so that should be fun...or something. The season ends next week and then there is a tournament. It went by pretty fast.

I don’t have much else today so I will just say I hope you have a stupendous evening!

During a bowling match in the Big Lebowski (I really need to watch this again this movie):

“Walter Sobchak: OVER THE LINE!
Smokey: Huh?
Walter Sobchak: I'm sorry, Smokey. You were over the line, that's a foul.
Smokey: Bullsh**. Mark it 8, Dude.
Walter Sobchak: Uh, excuse me. Mark it zero. Next frame.
Smokey: Bullsh**, Walter. Mark it 8, Dude.
Walter Sobchak: Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.” The Big Lebowski

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