Thursday, May 20, 2010


Happy Birthday! There MUST be another Nichole out there that puts an “H” in her name because I found this on Google! Anyway, I’m going to see you in just a couple hours but I wanted to give you a proper shout out. That pretty much wraps up the May birthdays other than a couple of Facebook friends (people I work with, friends of friends). That’s a lot of birthdays...

Anyway, yesterday I started my blog with a theme of overeating and I think it might have been confusing to some readers. I am not actually a member of Overeaters Anonymous. I am a major overeater, don’t get me wrong but at this point, I still have control over my body (except when I’m at David Earp’s house) but it is definitely a challenge and I have respect for those in the program. The point is, while I do seek strength in other areas of my life, I am succeeding in weight loss by using a diet plan...something that OEA is not into...just wanted to clarify.

Because of the travesty that was Birthday month, I need to take some serious strides in strictness. This needs to happen so I continue on my weight loss path AND find some more motivation so at some point, I will reach my goal. I don’t care how slow I go as long as I know I’m doing (mostly) my best and NOT gaining. Since I love a challenge AND since I operate best under pressure, I need to create a goal for I did with the walking. Having said that, I would like to JETTISON THE JUNK IN JUNE (thanks for the alliterative help Jordan). Really all that means is that my goal is to be 100% Monday-Saturday EVERY day in June. I know that the goal should always be to eat right every day but I haven’t been so I want to prove to myself that I can go back to the first love I had with Weight Watchers. June should be a good month because as of right now, I don’t have any plans to travel (this is subject to change) and there are no major holidays dangling ribs or ham or turkey in my face. I will keep you up to date. I can pretty much guarantee myself that if I eat like I’m supposed to, I will lose weight. Weight Watchers REALLY works if you do it right...I know what I NEED to do so putting a name on this challenge will certainly help me get back on track. I don’t really have much else on that...I am going to dinner at Jason’s Deli tonight. In my recent search of Panera Bread, McAlister’s, Jason’s and other deli-type places, I have found that MOST of them have a choose two menu that include some low fat soups and really can eat pretty much anywhere. Tomorrow is Friday and I am happy to report that this week has FLOWN by...maybe tomorrow will too! Have a good afternoon!

“You see the smile that's on my mouth
Is hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No, they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what I've been through but you do
And I was made for you...” The Story-Brandy Carlile

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  1. Best of luck being full on...especially during Jettison the Junk in June! (and you're welcome!) I have complete confidence that you can do it!


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