Friday, January 15, 2010

A Friday Ramble

Truth be told, I literally didn’t expect it to ever be Friday again. It was as if I had so much time away from work during the latter part of December and beginning of January that I just flat out wouldn’t have a weekend off again for awhile. It turns out, that’s not how the calendar works. That’s good for me because I would really like a couple days off.

Lemme tell y’all what ridiculous thing I did last night. So-it is in my nature to lock doors behind me everywhere I go. It’s just an obsession of mine. Last night, I walked out on my patio, without my keys, and locked the door. Yes, I definitely locked myself out of my apartment and was trapped on my second floor patio. Luckily, I had my phone with me and I was able to contact the security people at the apartment but I was out there for about 40 minutes. I felt SO SO SO stupid! I mean, I’ve had some stupid moments before but that one was just embarrassing. Oh well-no harm, no foul I guess.

Tomorrow is weigh in day! *CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC* It has been almost a month since I last weighed in and I’m a little nervous. According to a couple of scales I didn’t gain but the Weight Watchers scale is always a little bit different. If I didn’t gain weight, it’s truly a miracle. I mean, I wasn’t bad for a whole month but I’d say I was only good half the time and I was never REALLY good...but when I was being was really bad. I did maintain exercise though and I think that helped. Also, I have been a poster child for good this week. I exercised 4 out of 5 days, had plenty of water and counted all my points. We will see what happens...I will be excited to report.

I don’t know if you guys know this or not but I have an obsession with purses. I buy them quite frequently. I JUST bought 2 less than a month ago. My favorite place to go is CharmingCHARLIE:

I swear...sometimes I wish this place never existed in Tuscaloosa. Of course, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all right? Anyway, I had decided that I needed a blue purse. Yes, I said need...I decided this two days ago but I was trying to show self control and not go at all...I lasted 2 WHOLE days. I went over there and the place is divided by colors and of course the blue one I wanted was the most expensive but...I had to have it:

There was also this green purse that I REALLY loved but I didn’t let myself get it. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any clothing or accessories until I’m down 65 pounds...which is about 15 away so I may have to either change that or starve myself. Just least about the starve myself part.

There is this new site called Face in Hole or something. Anyway, it takes your picture and puts it in another picture with a celebrity or anything really. I made a few of these. I’m sure you won’t be able to click the links to see because the Insert Link function on this blog hates me but maybe you can copy and paste these below. I made one of me, my mom and my dad. They are pretty funny.

I’m sure they will appreciate that. LOL. I thought they were funny.

I should go ahead and warn you that I have moved from football to American Idol so there may be some comments and campaigning here and there until the winner is announced...from one obsession to another.

Going to gymnastics tonight and Jordan is coming to town! Happy Friday Everyone!!!

“Once I was a selfish fool
Who never understood
I never looked inside myself
Though on the outside, I looked good!

Then we met and you made me
The man I am today
Tracy, I'm in love with you
No matter what you weigh

Without love
Life is like the seasons with
No summer
Without love
Life is rock 'n' roll without
A drummer”

Without Love-Hairspray

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  1. Love the purse, love the pics, love the lyrics and loved getting to see you this weekend!


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