Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Fatigue has set in on my body today. It’s weird because when I woke up, I felt fine but now I feel like I could go to sleep...anywhere. Too bad that’s not a possibility for me at this time. Here’s something is in fact NOT trivia night. Weird huh? We decided to go to another place in town that does trivia...they just do it on Thursday’s. We are just trying it out for a change in scenery. I mean, I love Buffalo Wild Wings but I have eaten there every Wednesday night for months reason not to give the other place a shot. I am getting all kinds of grief from my Dad about it though so I’m sure we will be going back to Buffalo Wild Wings again.

So, it turns out that I may need to get my car checked out for this massive recall going on with Toyota. Great. There's something else I need to deal with for my car. The recall is for the accelerators on 8 of their models. They have stopped all production and sales of the car until they get the problem fixed. Apparently, the accelerator sticks. HEY! Maybe THAT’S why I rear ended that lady...I had no control...hmm...there’s a thought. Evidently, it’s a pretty big problem that has caused accidents so I guess I should check it out. I usually just ignore recalls because it happens all the time to cars that I own but a sticking accelerator doesn’t sound like a fun problem to have.

It feels a bit odd not having any plans on a Wednesday night...looks like I may get to watch my shows live...that never happens. Last night, I saw Up in the Air with Stacey so I am making a little dent in my quest to see potential Oscar movies. I have to say that I did like it...I love George Clooney and it was a good movie...slightly depressing but you know...I don’t think it would be in the Oscar running if it weren’t “deep” in some way. Even though I did like the movie, I thought it had some slow parts in the beginning AND I am still comparing the movies I’m seeing this year to the batch I saw last year and I still haven’t seen any that compare. Avatar compares in a visual way certainly but the movies I saw last year (Milk, Slumdog Millionaire) were so compelling. I’m ready to see one that knocks me out of the park.

Gah! I am such a space cadet today. Y’all can’t tell but I have typed about one sentence every five minutes...I keep zoning out. It’s ridiculous. I don’t think anything fruitful is going to be coming from my fingertips today so I might as well give it up.

I have been doing good this week and what is sad is that I’m not thinking...oh...yay I’m almost at 55 or 60 but I’m thinking...OK...11 pounds until I get to by myself a new purse and/or some earrings. Woot...can we say inspiration?

“Hello World
How you been?
Good to see you my old friend
Sometimes I feel, Cold as steel
Broken like I'm never going to heal
I see a light, a little hope in a little girl, oh HELLO WORLD” Hello World-Lady Antebellum

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