Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday I Get a Little Sideways

Tuesday feels like Monday today. Maybe it’s all the strange conversations I’ve had or the headaches I’ve been getting or the work I’m doing today...I’m not sure...but it DEFINITELY feels like a Monday. I have the urge to shop but I’m refraining...mostly. I may or may not have taken a peek at Old Navy’s site. I used to be an Old Navy addict but I cut up the card and quit cold turkey. I only go back there every once in a while. I get a little irritated with them though because they only have their fat clothes online. They used to have “plus” size options at their outlets but now those options are only available online. I think they use the term “Exclusively.” I mean...it’s one thing that you don’t want fat people in your store, but it’s a whole additional stab to my flabby back to act like taking the fat clothes out of the store is a special, exclusive treat. Fat people are just that...fat...not stupid. I also don’t like the implication that fat people would prefer to sit on their behind and order clothes that potentially may not fit because they are too lazy to drive to the store and try them on. That irritates me. If they weren’t one of the very few places offering affordable, plus size clothes, I would totally boycott them.

Tuesday Rant: Check. Now that I’ve done that...I can pose a couple of non-related questions to you all before I completely change gears. First, I know that I have discussed relationships and all that before. I was under the impression (due to several men that I’ve talked to) that guys don’t interpret every word that a girl says. In my experience, the girl is the one who reads into every word right? If there are any of you out there who have any comments let me know. It seems that in the past two days...everything I’ve said to someone has been interpreted in an unexpected way. Remember that episode of Friends where Monica asks Joey if he wants to come up for lemonade or something and Joey thinks that means she wants to sleep with him? Yah...something like that.

My second question isn’t really a question. As you know, I bite my nails AND it’s winter and that has sort of combined into some perfect storm for my nails to be infected.

You may not be able to tell in the picture but the darkish, reddish spots on the corners of my nails are some sort of infected blood blisters. I’ve had infected nails before but never to this extent. They are swollen and tender. I hate lotion but I’ve been trying to use it more. Also, when I put Neosporin and a bandaid on it the other night...my skin was so dry that the place where the sticky stuff from the bandaid was got infected. Blech. Maybe a home remedy? I don’t know why I’m asking you guys questions...you never answer me anyway. I know there aren’t many of you...but just so you know...the questions aren’t rhetorical. Lol...I do talk to myself on a regular basis so I guess this isn’t any different.

Anyway-sometimes I find myself hungry, without a lot of points for dinner and really hating the thought of eating a bunch of veggies. Every once in a while...I let y’all know of some food discoveries that are filling that aren’t LOADED down with calories. I will say these foods are loaded with salt but so are the frozen lean meals...so if you want more food that is different and tastier...you may try these.

First: Soup!

There are a lot of soups that you can eat that aren’t that bad and not just the Progresso zero or 1 point soups (which I don’t really care for). I chose the pic of this one because it is DELICIOUS. The whole can is 9 points I think and half is 4 or 5. It seems like a lot of points but it’s a huge bowl of soup and I usually have more than 9 points for dinner so you can have toast with it. Plus, it’s cheesy and it has chicken...I always eat cheese when I can since it’s so fattening.

Second: Sugar Free Popsicles!

You can sometimes have more than one of these for just one point. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a caramel Drumstick any day but these are a pretty good substitute. Get the combo pack so you can mix and match.

Third: Mickey Mouse Chicken Patties!

When I was trying to find a picture of this on the internet...I read a lot of bad reviews but I don’t care. I love these things. They are only 3 points, they are pretty thick and big and I REALLY like them with a piece of cheese on my whole wheat bread...it’s VERY filling. Who cares what shape it is...seriously. They also have hamburger patties in the Mickey shape. They aren’t as big and they are 4 points. They taste OK but I prefer the chicken.

Fourth: Chinese food

If you get one serving of beef & broccoli or chicken & vegetables, one serving of steamed rice and a cup of egg drop soup...I think it’s 7 points. The only thing is...don’t go and consider a serving a whole tub of rice like I do...I would say eat a little over half of the portion they give you if you are only going to count it 7 points and you should be good. It’s also something you can pick up quick so it’s good.

Fifth: New Jello Mousse!

This stuff is kind of whipped...they have a chocolate, dark chocolate and some sort of caramel I think. I’m not the biggest fan of any pudding and honestly, I bought this and the consistency is a bit weird to me but it has good flavor and it’s only one point. Basically, if you like pudding, you will probably like this.

That’s all for now...I will let y’all know every once in a while when I discover new foods. Have a great Tuesday!

“Don’t tell me you agree with me, when I saw you kicking dirt in my eye.” Black or White-Michael Jackson...I’m not sure how that’s relevant...just like the line.


  1. To answer your second question, I'd say continue with the Neosporin. Maybe just dab it on before bed and don't put a Band-Aid on.

    Also, I bought the soup you have in the picture. I can't wait to try it!

  2. If the neosporin hasn't worked by now...good ol peroxide will do the trick! -HAG


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