Monday, October 5, 2009


Holy crap. I TOTALLY forgot to blog yesterday and I’m not even gonna lie...this does some NASTY things to my obsessive compulsive disorder that I am trying to deal with. I am going to try and convince myself not to freak out because you know, it’s not like Saturday’s blog was really detailed and I don’t HAVE to blog every day. Jeez...I never should have committed to every day. Oh well, here I am now. I am not sure if in the couple sentences I did manage to relay this weekend if I mentioned that Alabama beat UK but I am not scared to tell you again that Alabama is now 5-0 and hopefully we will continue to have a winning season. In other news, I made dinner for my Mom and it was AWESOME! I made chopped steak, shrimp and grits (thanks to the other Heather’s suggestion), green beans, corn on the cob, bread sticks and I also made cake and ice cream. I think my Mom really liked it. She works really hard and always cooks for us and makes our birthday special so I like to make a big deal out of hers. I know that this is odd to say after I just told you all the awesome, fattening foods I ate yesterday but I wanted to tell you that I lost 2 pounds last week bringing my total to 38! I have this feeling that it will take a couple of weeks to hit the big 40 but I don’t care...I’ve worked hard and I don’t plan on stopping so I am right on track. I am also doing a no soda experiment this month and I am interested to see if that helps me lose weight despite the fact that I only drink diet. They say even quitting those helps because you intake less sodium. We will see how that goes because I am a pretty hardcore addict of diet coke.
So, as I was approaching the door of my gym this morning, I saw a sign that said it would be completely closed for seven days starting October 19th for maintenance. I was so pissed off. I don’t understand. Why on earth would they close the whole place, equipped with a pool, basketball courts, two exercise rooms and many other facilities for a WHOLE week. I think they should at least only shut down part of it each day. I paid $100 for the year. I know that is very inexpensive considering many gym memberships but if they are going to take a week from me I think they should send me a check for $1.92 for the inconvenience. All joking aside, I am always walking on very thin ice when it comes to diet and exercise. I am one extra morning of sleeping in and one more night passing the KFC away from just letting it all go and eating what I want and not exercising. That is how I have been. At this point, I’m determined but a whole week without my routine could be dangerous...really dangerous. Now I know there are other things I can do but none that are the equivalent of getting up and doing the elliptical at 6am. It’s good to maintain consistency and I know that if I sleep in everyday for a’s going to be extremely difficult to start getting up again the next week. I can’t really walk outside that early because it’s still dark then and I have no machines that have a timer so that I ensure that I do my allotted time. I am sure I will figure it out but let’s just hope it doesn’t screw me all up.
I am going to dinner with Stacey tonight and then hopefully catching up on TV. Goodness, I seem to be complaining a lot about that lately...just seems like every time I finally get to watch something, the next episode comes on.
I wanted to take a moment to remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your pink out and do anything you can to support the movement to find a cure for this terrible disease. Also, please remember to keep Jordan’s Aunt Angel in your thoughts and your prayers as she battles with this disease...she has an inspiring and amazing attitude.

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  1. A) Don't freak's was just one big deal.
    B) Roll Tide!
    C) Thanks again for the amazing was delicious!
    D) Good luck with the no Diet Coke! I know it will be tough, but you got this!
    E) Thanks for mentioning Angel again...and I'll be sure to get my pink out in support! I might need to get a new pink polo this month actually. Do I smell a shopping trip?


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