Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's all about moderation.

Boy, did I cop out yesterday. I mean what was that? Two sentences. Jeez. Trivia last night was terrible. We have fun and I enjoy the food but I hate to lose. The questions seemed really tough last night for some reason. The guy that runs it...his name is Canada...yah...I know...he always feels the need to preface the question to say how easy it is and then it’s something ridiculously obscure. I guess we would only think the questions weren’t hard if we knew the answers. Whatever. I was also informed that the trivia doesn’t stop so honestly, there might be a week in the future where I go...meh...let’s just skip this week. We’ll see. Also, a few weeks ago I started watching 30 Rock. I am very much behind but I watched the 1st season and I am 4 or 5 deep into the second. I think it’s hilarious. The new season premier’s tonight and I wish I could watch it so bad. I might watch it anyway because it doesn’t strike me as a show that could be ruined by skipping ahead. I don’t know if my OCD can handle that. I can literally feel the DVR filling up. There are a lot of things going on and in terms of priorities...all the TV shows are falling short so I am sure there will be a couple weeks of stress trying to get it back down. Apparently, you are prisoner to my stream of consciousness today. While I’m at it, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Stacey. Her birthday is today!!! And, now I want cake.

OK...I’m just going to put it out there...I use Weight Watchers as my weight loss program. Obviously, I believe it works. In fact, I would venture to say it’s the only program out there that really makes sense. Now, when you first start you get more points. If you’re get a lot of points. So, the first few weeks you still find yourself eating cheeseburgers and fries and you’re losing weight going “THIS DIET IS FREAKING AWESOME!” But, as you begin to lose and cut down a point for every 10 pounds, you begin to turn that medium fry into a small one and that double cheeseburger to a regular one. The point is that you begin to make cuts. The process is VERY slow. The reason they do this is so over time, you learn how to keep up with and control what you eat. I now have 4 points less than when I started. So, I decided I would rather eat more food at night so I eat healthier instead of wasting my points on one burger. Don’t get me wrong, I still go to McDonald’s and Wendy’s from time to time but it’s not nearly as frequent. I think once you lay out the difference between what you USED to eat and what you are eating now then you begin to see why the system works.

Here is what I would eat at Wendy’s before(Baconator):

And now(Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger):

McDonald’s before(Double Quarter Pounder W/Cheese):

McDonald’s now(Single Cheeseburger):

Pizza Hut Before(Meat Lover’s Pizza-Probably 5 pieces):

Pizza Hut Now(2-3 Pieces Thin Crust w/ham):

Chick-Fil-A Before (Original-Fried):

Chick-Fil-A Now(Chargrilled/Wheat Bun):

And of course all of these came with a medium or large fry. Now, I’m not saying these changes are always easy. Do I miss all those fries? Every Day. But, I will survive without them. I can handle that. Now, by no means am I a weight loss expert. Recently, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds but honestly, according to most doctors...I could stand to lose 100 more. Most people know how to lose weight. Knowing WHAT to do isn’t the hard part. It’s all in your head as to whether you keep with it.

It never fails that every time I type out foods that I can’t have any more...that I seriously want them...I am going to go home now and enjoy my sandwich.

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