Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Technical Savvy

It is with great hesitation that I admit I forgot to tell you something VERY important yesterday. I have been saying for months now how frigid I always am and how I want a Snuggie. Well, because I have wonderful family and friends who pay heed to my requests, Jordan brought me home a precious pink Snuggie the other night. I was SO excited. I posted a picture below of a lovely woman who is wearing one. While she looks quite swanky in hers, I look more like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol but when I tell you that I have never been more comfy and cozy on my couch at night...it’s the absolute truth. I love this thing and on top of that...it is pink for Breast Cancer!!! If it didn’t expose my backside like an exam gown, I would more than likely make quick grocery store runs in it. It’s pretty much awesome. I ate dinner with Stacey and her little baby Alivia last night and I don’t think I have ever inhaled a tortilla-less burrito so fast in my entire life. I guess I was starving. We also went to Charming Charlie, the new accessory store I think I’ve mentioned before and I got some earrings. I love that place.

I learned how to put pictures on my blog today or at least I think I did. I feel like the more pictures I add the less likely it is that I will ramble on. My brother used to watch Barney as a child and while I found that show profoundly annoying, there was one quote that stuck with me that my mother and I occasionally bring back out and that is “I could tell you but it would be much more fun to show you.” So, I am totally with that statement because if I let myself, I will bore you with every detail and you wouldn’t read anymore so I wanted to figure out how to do pictures. Please don’t judge if there aren’t pictures to see because I WILL figure it out. I also posted a picture of my fingernails. As you may remember, in addition to trying to lose weight, I am also attempting to not bite my nails. They may not look like much but I assure you that they are WAY longer than they used to be and none of them (on that hand) are infected from my usual chomping. Even just typing about it all makes me want to bite them but I will try not to.

I think that I have over exerted myself by adding these pictures so I will say goodbye now but you can anticipate an increase in a more dynamic blog...I’m excited!


  1. I'm so glad you're loving the Snuggie!

  2. Heather, Technical Savvy funnest blog ever, almost had to change my drawers.
    Love You Dad


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