Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm giving out awards today...

I would like to just go on the record and say that the weather around these parts is pretty much perfection. It gets the most awesome weather award. I can’t think of anything better than a sunny day between 55 and 60 degrees. Unfortunately, it is supposed to warm up to almost 80 the next couple of days which means the rain is coming back. It was like I had never seen the sun a few days ago because it had been so long since it came out. Anyway, I love crisp, cool weather and wish it stayed like that year round. That was your weather report for Alabama...you’re welcome.

I want to take the time to award the prize for best new show on TV. I just made this award up. There are some honorable mentions. Cougar Town is pretty funny. Courtney Cox has had some work done and I find her puffy face (as well as the puffy face of her neighbor that used to be on Scrubs and The Drew Carey show...I thought she was from Frazier but I was violently corrected by someone at work) is a bit distracting at times but for the most part...I really like it. Community is also a pretty funny show. Out of all the new shows I’ve watched this season, it’s probably my least favorite but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I love the Soup with Joel McHale so I thoroughly enjoy the show. I also want to throw out Glee in the mix. I know the show premiered its first episode last season but this is its first full season. I love this show. I am a sucker for musicals and the show never fails to take a modern pop or rock song and turn it in to harmonious and cheesy bliss. It makes me smile and I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t. Now....for the winner...

That’s right...Modern Family. This show is awesome. It has Al Bundy (forgive me but I don’t know his real name) who is the primary father in the show and he has recently married a young woman who has a son. Al Bundy has two kids. One is a daughter with a husband and 2 or 3 kids and the other is a gay son who has a longtime partner and they just adopted a baby girl. The writing on this show is hilarious. They play on stereotypes and are clearly a dysfunctional family which is why I think that pretty much everybody can relate to it.

I don’t know what made me decide to tell you all that but I just thought you should know that if you aren’t watching Modern Family, you need to go to abc.com right now and catch up.

I also wanted to take the time to make one other tiny complaint about Weight Watchers. I will make it in the form of a suggestion. As much as I love Weight Watchers and find it to be incredibly effective...their products are truly ridiculously priced. Now, they know good and well that they can mark up their products and still sell them because of convenience. I have found that the MOST stressful thing about Weight Watchers is that sometimes, if there aren’t nutrition facts or if you don’t feel like taking 14 hours in Wal-Mart calculating points (which I do all the time) then the stuff with the Weight Watchers label is very convenient. You don’t have to estimate, the points are right there. I find that when I do estimate, I underestimate at first and then feel so bad that I probably end up counting whatever it is 3 or 4 more points than it should be. The only thing that I buy that is actually theirs is the yogurt because it’s the only good tasting 1 point yogurt and the cream cheese for the same reason. They are also pre-portioned so you don’t lie to yourself and make that teaspoon stretch into 3 tablespoons. I will go on record and tell you that there IS good cheese, stringed and sliced, oatmeal, and especially bread that is way cheaper than Weight Watchers for the same amount of points. Since, I’m in a competition mood today, I will say that the winner of the cheaper and better tasting than Weight Watchers bread goes to:

This Nature’s own bread is 40 or 45 calories a piece and is only 1 point for two pieces. It’s pretty big and very tasty. The point is...even though it sucks, bring a calculator (if you’re on Weight Watchers) and read the nutrition facts and make comparisons because there is just no reason to pay that much money.

I think that is all for today. I have much work to do in many different departments of my life. In case you were wondering, I do include watching TV in the *work to do* column on my to do list. You wouldn’t believe what ridiculous things go on my to do list. I won’t go into them now but just know that if you put shower, or take medicine on your to do list, you can scratch them off and who wants to look at a to do list with nothing scratched off...very intimidating.

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  1. I so agree with what you said about the weather! 60 degrees-ish is so perfect...I love it!

    And, Modern Family is SO hilarious!!! That and Glee are my favorite new shows!


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