Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Where are my potato wedges?"

Today has been a really busy day. It was busy at work but I also had to leave from about 11-3 to work a golf tournament that we were sponsoring with the Big Oak Ranch. It’s a home that was started by John Croyle (former Alabama player) to adopt kids from troubled homes. It’s a great organization. The tournament was called “Legends of Alabama” so there were former football players that we got to meet and talk to. It was fun. Tomorrow is the first day of jury duty. I guess I find out whether I’m selected or not in the morning. I guess I have mixed feelings about all of it because I do think it would be very interesting but I would also be missing way too much work.

We did pretty well at trivia last night. I wish that we would get in the top 3 or 5 just one night. We only missed 3 questions last night but there were teams fully dressed in their nerd armor and when they are there...we don’t have a chance. Everyone contributed last just sucks that because we didn’t know that the Roman God of Fire is Vulcan, we didn’t win. Oh well...I am determined and one Wednesday night we will win. It will be when we aren’t looking for it and BOOM! Trumpets will sound and we WILL win that bar cash in the form of a gift card. I believe it.

I have been craving the worst foods lately. If I smell it, it instantly gets added to the “go there one cheat day” list. I have been wanting a salad because I blogged about them yesterday, I want a donut because I smelled them the other day when they brought some in for a work party and I always crave burgers and barbecue. It’s ridiculous really. I don’t really want things but when they get in my’s like they never leave. I stress out way too much about what I am going to eat on cheat day because it is SERIOUS. I mean I have one day a week to eat what I can I narrow it down.

I have just been hungrier than usual lately. I don’t know if I’m hitting a momentum plateau or what but it’s been much harder to diet the past couple of weeks. I want to make excuses to not do well. I have actually not really cheated at all so I guess if I only dream about doesn’t count. Every week I look forward to those potato wedges at Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean I GENUINELY get excited on Wednesdays because that is the one week day that I know I will get something fried. Well, last night, I would say I had about 7-10 wedges left. I turned around to talk to some friends and when I turned back around...THEY WERE GONE. It still makes me a little faint to think about. I mean...the waitress didn’t even ask me. I told everyone around me and glared a hole right through her head when she came back to the table. One thing about dieting is that you learn to really cherish the good food you can eat and it was like she was mean to she punched me in the gut...broke some sort of server/customer oath. I decided against taking action because I feel like it might have been a little overboard and I would have tried to tackle her.

Just know that even if I lose 100 more pounds...I will ALWAYS be fat hearted. Food has never NOT been important to me so I don’t see that changing any time soon. Tonight is a night that I think I will sit on the couch and not move until bed time. I’m pooped. I can’t wait to report on jury duty!

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