Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So over my civic duty...

Phew. I feel out of breath. I don't have a lot to say because I have SO much to say if that makes sense. I sat in jury duty for over 9 hours today with one 10 minute break. Of course they ordered a lunch that I didn't know how to count but I did my best and naturally, I was hungry the rest of the day. Today was "drug day" so we went over the hundreds of drug cases waiting to go to trial. It was ridiculous. As bad as this sounds, tomorrow starts the interesting cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse. I say interesting in the most non-offensive tone I can out of respect for the victims but if I hear one more case about someone being busted with a pound of marijuana and then claiming it isn't theirs...my head may literally explode.

Last night, I gave my lecture to my parents and Jordan to test the waters. Good News! None of them fell asleep! It was good to put it out there so I could practice and get it perfect.

Since I will be out of work most if not all of the day on Friday, I don't have to worry about making my costume for the contest at work. I am disappointed though because it was gonna be awesome. Maybe I'll remember it next year.

I DO however get to dress up Saturday for a party and Jordan and I should look pretty awesome.

OK...I think that's the most appropriate update I can give at this time. I have to rest up for yet another day of mindlessly deciding someone's trial fate.

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