Monday, October 12, 2009

A Plea To Touch Free Devices...Be Sweet.

I have a busy week this week. You wouldn’t feel like hearing about it would you? Oh! You would? How kind of you! I must finish reading over the work of my peers alerting them to any typographical or grammatical errors (which if you know me or read this must know by now grammar and punctuation aren’t my strongest features), I need to go with my mom to purchase a baby shower gift for my cousin, then Saturday my Mom and I are going to said baby shower which happens to be in Chattanooga. I will probably miss the better part of the homecoming game but that’s OK. I will make it somehow.
I am quite appreciative of modern technology and I enjoy the touch free toilets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers that we have at work. My only problem is that my very presence tends to set these devices in motion without me even coming close to them. It happens all of the time that I will walk into a stall and the toilet will immediately go off or when I go into the bathroom one of the two towel dispensers goes off. It never fails to make me feel a bit self conscious. Today when I went to use the bathroom, I opened the door and BOTH towel dispensers went off and I think even one of the soaps spat out at me. I felt so degraded. It was like I scared the towel dispensers half to death and then the soap was so mad at me that it spit. I don’t know why but I felt just my body entering the room caused enough commotion to set everything off. It’s not just at the work bathroom either. My parents have a trash can that automatically raises up when you put your hand in front of it and every time I walk within 3 feet of the thing, my butt makes it raise up. So, I ask of you modern technology, please recognize what is motion and what is me just you know...walking around 5 feet away. Maybe it will listen.
Before I talk about Halloween, I wanted to ask that you pray that I avoid baby shower cake this weekend and that I become more aggressive with practicing my lecture I have to give in a month. I need to be slapped I guess.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I hate when people are all anti-Halloween because honestly I have never had a séance or worshiped evil doers...I just love candy and I REALLY love dressing up. Most Halloweens I end up wearing 2 or 3 costumes at different occasions. This year, I know for one that I am going to go with Jordan to a coworkers party and both of us are going as rednecks. Also, I could do without any comments about how that won’t be that much of a stretch because there will be hot pink eye shadow, teasing of the hair and jacked up teeth. Perhaps a more PC term may be meth addicts...NOT that there is a connection but you know...since it’s Halloween we intend on being extreme. We can also dress up at work and honestly, I don’t know what I want to be yet. There is some pretty fierce competition here because it’s a contest so it has to be good and creative. Feel free to share your ideas. I was a butterfly at a church fall festival last year, we had a pumpkin party, we took pictures with fangs, went as someone from the 80s to a late night improvisational theatre thing and we decorated! I also included pictures of Jordan and I as the devil and angel (he was the angel) from a party last year and me as a jailbird (I had wings and a beak that I made to go with my prison outfit) at work. FUN! FUN! Only exception is that I will have to stay away from the candy this year.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your busy week and that you have to miss the game. :(

    Also, I'm getting excited about Halloween too! We need to help each other brainstorm ideas for work costumes, because I'm having trouble thinking of one too!

    PS. We were ADORABLE last year! :)


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