Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know that I did. My family got a Wii so we spent a lot of time acting like tennis and bowling pros. I have to say that if you really get into IS actually very good exercise. I was skeptical at first because whether you are sitting or standing, you can do the Wii...but when I was playing tennis...I was running all over the place and I was pretty sore the whole weekend. I also got a new flat iron and some gift cards and a memory foam pillow...lots of other cool things. I have been a bit disoriented because Cassandra and I moved most of our stuff into our new apartment this weekend. It was crazy. Saturday, my parents got my whole room moved in and then yesterday Cassandra, her boyfriend and I somehow managed to get a washer, dryer, 2 couches, a king size bed and a giant TV up a flight of stairs. I have to say that last night after it was all said and done...I was miserable. I was in a FOUL mood and just wanted to be done. Jordan helped me get my bed up last night after all the other moving was done...I felt so bad for him because I couldn’t find the energy or strength to help him much. The good news is that our little apartment is starting to look livable and should be completely done by next week.

It hasn’t been the best day today morale wise. I think that I am just mostly really tired from this weekend. I didn’t exercise this morning so I felt bad about that. I have been trying to justify it because of all the work I did this weekend. I am definitely going tomorrow and Wednesday but they are closed Thursday and Friday. I think I feel so bad because I have been eating terrible the past week. It has been ridiculous. I know it’s the holidays but I also think I went a little overboard. I am trying to detox this week. There is no reason to cheat again until New Year’s Eve/Day. I am going to be perfect the next few days. I go to California the week after next and then after that...there is NO justifiable reason to cheat until I go to Paris. I just hate that I got so off track. The thing that sucks most is that eating with no rules just reminds me how much I love food so when I go back to being good...I get these trembles & DT’s like some sort of crack head. No worries though-I’m not ready to give up just yet. I have done really well and now it’s time to step up my game so in a couple of weeks, I plan on reporting more good news. I want to be down at least 65 pounds by Spring Break and I think that is TOTALLY doable. That’s only 15 pounds (roughly since I probably will have gained a couple by the next time I weigh) in over 2 months...I will have to try really hard but I think I can do it.

I didn’t remember to bring my camera cord today so I will be sure to bring it tomorrow and post some pictures of the apartment and Christmas because I know you are all dying to see them. Have a happy Monday...even though I’m sure most of us wish we were still in our Christmas jammies watching movies...I know I do.

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  1. A) Don't feel bad for me...I've almost got everything I need to get done before Wednesday done.
    B) You TOTALLY made up this weekend for not exercising today.
    C) I haven't been full on today. :( I totally feel you on the whole morale's hard to get back into it!
    D) Christmas jammies/movie watching sounds PERFECT right now!


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