Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Who knew that garlic hummus would be the food temptress of the day? A co-worker of mine brought pita chips and garlic hummus to work and I just had to have some. I am still on the wagon mostly today but I have cut a few corners. I think that the primary reason I am so tempted to cheat is because I haven’t been weighing in. The weekly weigh in is certainly an incentive for me to be good. I think that incentives are pretty crucial. I made the decision not to weigh for a couple more weeks because I wanted a bigger span of time (and a bigger span of my behind apparently) to lose the Christmas/New Year’s weight. The only problem is...I have no incentive to be good until then. I have done really well the past couple of days and I have certainly been getting in my physical activity but I have lost that ability to be strict. Weight Watchers and I no longer have a spark...we are past the honeymoon phase. Just like when this lull happens in a have to find a way to reignite the fire that got you there in the first place. Where is that first love that made me lose 50 pounds? I have a few ideas. I would say that first I am getting 5 less points now than when I started. Don’t think that sounds like a lot? Well-That’s a small fry from McDonald’s, a ham & cheese on low calorie wheat bread with Baked Lays, or a grilled Chicken Sandwich from Chick-fil-a. I mean, all of those things could hold you over if you were hungry. Also, like a relationship, I’ve gotten more comfortable around Weight Watchers. I can be around it without make up on-so to speak. What I mean is, instead of weighing my 2 oz of pasta to eat last night, I sort of just...guessed. That defeats the whole purpose.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude all that though...the problem that I can’t seem to solve is I don’t know where to find the motivation to keep going. I KNOW I want to lose more weight. I also know how much I love food and lounging around. There lies the crux of the struggle people have encountered in their weight loss journeys since the beginning. I think for me, I need to remember that when I am actually on the elliptical in the morning, I feel good. I feel accomplished when I get off of it or when I up the time because it’s not enough of a challenge anymore. I feel good when I go to bed knowing that I didn’t make any exceptions when choosing my food and adding my points for the day. I feel like a fat craphead when I eat like a hoss or skip exercise for the day. Somehow, these emotions still aren’t enough some days. Any suggestions for incentives? I think I lean WAY too much on cheat day as an incentive. I still want to have it but I don’t want to binge so much I’m sick on that day. I love shopping...I could buy myself a present for every month I do everything right every day but Sunday. The only problem is...I’m trying not to spend like a maniac right now...student loans and all. I will try to figure something out. I also need motivation with work and writing and other things...I get really lazy without incentives and deadlines.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to this site If you are interested in ordering party supplies from the net...use them. I ordered balloons for a baby shower at work from this site and on the order form they ask for the date of the event. After I had placed the order, a lady from the site called and because she was worried I wouldn’t get my order in time she is sending it priority without charge since my order was so light. I thought that was really cool.

Trivia tonight...AND I GET TO SEE WHITNEY, XAY & MYA!!! I’m so excited...these are my besties from way back that moved off to the east for a job and they are in town. I posted a pic of their precious little one below. I hope she remembers me! She probably won’t. Babies don’t usually like me.



  1. Good luck getting back motivated! I know you (and I) will be doing MUCH better after you get back into a routine and the weekly weigh ins.

    Also, hhrrrrrrrrmphh!!! I miss you too! But remember, "Neeeeeeeeeeearrrrr, faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr, whereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvverrrrr you arrrrree...I belieeeeeve that the heart will go ooooooooooooooooooooon." Seriously, I LOVE YOU!

  2. Maybe you could change it up to a cheat meal for dinner or lunch instead of the whole day? So there wouldn't be a free all you can eat binge day that makes you sick each week??

    It's so hard to stay on task especially once you've accomplished so much. It's time for you to re-evaluate and set some new goals. You lost your first 50 and you look beautiful! now say...."SO WHAT, I NEED TO LOSE _X_ MORE" Make a list of things you can do that are different then what you've been doing...try yoga or pilates to start toning up the areas you lost weight something different than the same routine...

    When an opportunity to cheat comes up have a little self talk with the cheater inside and let them know they are not in control.

    Buy yourself something a size smaller for motivation...whether it's jeans or a pretty dress. Buy the outfit, peice by peice as extra incentive to get into it.

    I know it's hard. But it's working. Just look how beautiful you are in that picture with the santa purse. You are absolutely radiant in chocolate brown! -HAG

  3. HEATHER- You always have the best, sweetest comments. I think I need to have way more conversations with my inner cheater for sure. I will definitely be trying some new things.

    JORDAN-"You jump, I jump." You started the Titanic theme.

  4. Motivation is hard to come by at times! Loved your post! Working on maintaining the motivation with you!


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