Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ups & Downs

I have to say that I’m an emotional roller coaster these days. One minute I’m happy/excited and then the next minute I’m upset or frustrated. I don’t believe that you have complete control over your emotions but for the most part...you can force yourself to get a grip if you need to and that’s what I feel like I need to do...get a grip. I made two lists:

A) Things I’m happy/excited about: going to Pasadena to see Alabama play for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and exploring/travelling by myself, seeing Whitney tomorrow, my new, very spacious apartment, New Year’s Eve, my new headbands and purses to wear on New Year’s Eve, losing 50 pounds, having my Master’s and working towards publication, American Idol, great friends, great family...you get the picture.
B) Things I’m upset/frustrated about: totally scared to go on this huge trip alone to California, wishing Whitney & Xay could move back to Alabama, all of my new bills for my new, very spacious apartment, not living with or close to Jordan, getting older, worried I will fall off the dieting wagon, not doing enough to publish my work and beginning to pay the lifelong bills I will have from student loans...you get the picture.

I know you are supposed to take with the good with the bad...but can’t I just for once take the good with the good? I suppose I could work on being more positive. I wish that I weren’t the type of person that examined every little detail only to extract the bad parts of a situation.

Anyway-I posted some pictures below. Whenever I upload pictures on this thing...it gets them all out of order. So-below you will see a random assortment of Christmas pictures, me with a purse that looks like Santa pants, dogs in Snuggie’s and picture of my new bathroom, bedroom and living room. I hope you enjoy!

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