Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am SO absent minded!

I totally forgot about blogging. I promise I will get back to normal tomorrow. It was another crazy day at work. Cassandra and I looked for an apartment again at lunch and I think we found one but until I sign the lease and get a move in day...I'm not putting it in writing yet. The place is really nice so hopefully in a couple of weeks that will be our new home!

I knew that I wanted to mention one thing. On yesterday's blog,Heather(my mom's co-worker-"the other Heather") suggested that I quit cheat day to speed up my progress. Um, while this suggestion is probably right on point...I just don't see that happening...lol. I LIVE for cheat day. I will say that the thought of only having one cheat meal instead of a whole day has crossed my mind but it crossed it and then kept on going. I am going to see if this 5 minute/day exercise boost helps before I do anything drastic. I think I have become addicted to cheat day which is really not a good thing. I usually make myself sick...but I didn't Sunday. I ate way too much...don't get me wrong...but I didn't eat so much that I woke up in the middle of the night about to throw up.

So-I did consider that suggestion Heather...haha...maybe one day I will actually take your good advice but I'm sure my mother has told you that I'm stubborn. If she hasn't, I'm sure you know that she is stubborn so just know that I get it from her! :)


  1. I didn't think you would respond well to loosing the cheat day thing. I know that your slimming on down and eventually you may have to eliminate cheat day. (UGH...I said it again) Since you've identified that cheat day is a problem, I have full confidence that you will be able to cheat in moderation in the future. On a second note...you finally got through to me and I'm trying to eat a little healthier. I'm not giving up ranch or anything too drastic...I'm just going to be sure to get my exercise, my water and my green veggies. So Thanks! Good Luck- The other Heather/Work Heather...

  2. Good for you!!! Giving up ranch is probably a little too drastic...you're right. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!


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