Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess which reindeer I am!

Today was another fanFREAKINGtastic day. My flip flop broke at work, when I went to eat my apple for breakfast this was rotten, the overall mood at work sucks right now, we got mold and water all over our house and a landlord that doesn’t deem it necessary to call before he comes over, and quite frankly, I don’t FEEL like being in a good mood. I’m glad tonight is trivia I can have fun and hopefully not stress myself out. I’m hoping the same for those that are with me because I am NOT the only one dealing with crappy stress.

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but I get these red splotches sometimes. I think they are related to stress and/or anxiety but they come up on my face. Most of the time, they are red spots that come up around my mouth and they usually go away within an hour. It’s the weirdest’s kind of like when you are about to get a pimple and the area turns red and then BAM there it is...I get that except I never get the pimple...which for that I guess I should be grateful. I recently realized that these spots sometimes appear (in giant form) on the tip of my nose. This first occurred right before I gave my graduate reading. Well, it happened again today. Somehow this abomination passed through the eyes of my mother and two people at work who I had significant conversation with and no one told me. Now, in their defense, they know of my nervous weird splotches so I think they were just trying to ignore it but for the record if you see my nose looking the way it does in the picture below...please alert me...I would like to at least place my finger subtly over the top.

I should also say that the picture doesn’t do the spot justice. When I get them...they almost...glow (like a light bulb!) Anywho...I suppose I can make light of all these ridiculous things and that will make me feel better.

One last thing (because I don’t feel like a long blog today)...I’m taking a poll. My Dad acquired an SEC Championship ticket for this weekend. He was in the hospital a couple of days and I just don’t think that a 3 day grace period is enough. I think he needs to rest at least a week and give his ticket to me. I would be doing him a favor really because I would be helping him stay healthy and not letting that ticket go to waste. I’m mostly kidding. I know if I had a ticket it would take swine flu and limb loss to get me to miss it. I hope you have fun Dad.

Maybe there won’t be too many teams there tonight at trivia so we will have a chance! Fingers crossed!

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  1. A) *Hugs* I love you!
    B) I think your red nose is adorable.
    C) ROLL TIDE! And I totally think he should give you the ticket. He needs his rest. :)


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