Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Chrismahanakwanzaka!

Yes-I am PC with your holiday (or non-holiday) of choice. I will be celebrating Christmas tonight and tomorrow and I'm very excited! As it was pointed out to me-I did not blog yesterday. I do apologize...and I will apologize in advance for the potential lag in blogging over the next few days. Yesterday, I was just too busy to remember to blog. I found out yesterday that I AM going to Pasadena to watch the Crimson Tide play Texas in the National Championship game. The opportunity was just too amazing to pass up. The ticket just sort of fell into my hands...I was in the right year, month, place and time. After that, I was able to book a flight to San Diego. I have to go all over creation to get there but I'm going! It's going to be a fun, short trip...I'm actually excited to explore California basically will be fun. I wanted to briefly say that Christmas gets washed away in the hustle and bustle and money spending. The truth is, even though my family has never been rich...they have always made Christmas an amazing time. Because of my family, I have basically always gotten what I wanted...I have traveled to 22 states and some other countries too. I wanted to thank my parents for making my life so memorable! That is what Christmas is about right? Remembering the love Jesus has shown us by his birth, life and death and spreading that love to others. I love all of my friends and family dearly.

I love you all and Merry Christmas!


  1. I love you too! Merry Christmas!!! I'm SOOO excited you're getting to go to Cali and the game!!!!! Very happy for you!!!

  2. You made me cry!! I love you!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Mom


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