Monday, December 21, 2009


As I predicted, I've had a hard time dieting today due to all the food I had this weekend. It included but was not limited to: Chick-fil-a, McDonald's, fried cheddar balls (ask me about these sometime), chicken wings (with ranch, thus making the title of my blog a dirty lie), cheese cake and fudge pie. So-there was no holding back. I know it's the holidays but EVERY part of me today wants to completely cave and be bad until January 2nd. What good would that do me? I would gain weight and risk not getting back on track. So...NO! I will move forward and prosper. I will be good this week up until the weekend and then I will be good again until New Years Eve/Day. I have NO excuses. I have lost 50 pounds and even if I gain a little I have to get right back on bandwagon. I also have to give myself these little pep talks from time to time.

I'm excited about Christmas and the 3 day weekend. I know this week will last forever but then it will be fun to sit around in my pajamas for a day and open gifts, eat and play Wii. I had a very nice time in Chattanooga with my family and I know this weekend with my Mom, Dad and Oma will be no different.

This past weekend we had our Tacky Christmas party and we had a blast! We dressed up and had good snacks and games. We had a lot of fun. I posted a couple of pictures below.

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