Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I may be fat but I'm not lazy! (mostly)

I have decided the term “hump day” disturbs me. There are a lot of people that pretty much call attention to “hump day” every Wednesday and frankly, it’s a little strange to me. I mean...I get the’s the middle of the week but to me...if it isn’t Saturday or Sunday or an off day...they are all the same. Plus-it’s kind of dirty. I do have a dirty mind but I would say that most people with an understanding of the English language can determine why I would interpret that phrase in a dirty way. I mean, call it what you want...I don’t care.

Anyway-Happy...Wednesday! Today has a much slower pace than the two previous days. It is kind of a welcome relief but at the same time...the hustle and bustle makes the day go by faster. No worries-I know the next few weeks will prove to be very busy. Tonight I am going to the thrift store with my roommates to look for Christmas gear for our party Friday night and then off to trivia. Tomorrow night-I am going to my Dad’s work Christmas party and we need to clean up and decorate the house. Friday night is our “tacky” Christmas party. We are all going to be looking for awesomely tacky Christmas should be fun...we always have fun even if it is just the four of us. Saturday and Sunday I am going to Chattanooga to celebrate the holidays with my family. Phew-then the next week is Christmas of course! I’m sure that I will be very strict on Weight Watchers the whole time. I hope you noted the sarcasm in my voice. The truth is that I have been good this week and plan on being good until I weigh on Friday morning and then I will let loose this weekend but I am going to try REALLY hard not to go overboard...then get right back on track Monday and stay that way until I can cheat again on Christmas Eve/Day.

I hope you enjoyed that rundown of my calendar for the next couple of weeks. I am also pretty excited about all of the bowl games. This time of year is very bittersweet because I love watching all the football but I know that in just a few weeks...I will be college football-less for quite some time.

I was going to tell you guys about this story I read this morning. I am going to attempt to post the link here but every time I include a link on my blog-it doesn’t work so if it doesn’t-the article is called “My Big Fat Foreclosure,” by Charles Feldman off of the Housing Watch website.|main|dl2|link1|

It is about a guy named Greg Staffa who is being forced to leave his townhome because his boss blamed his work-related injuries on his he lost his job. Now, I don’t really know the basis of this situation. He looks like a tall guy, and yes, he is overweight, and yes, every time I go to the doctor it seems like everything that has ever been wrong with me is caused by fatness. It can be anything really. I guess it just highlights the fact that fat people are discriminated against. In this society, people who are fat are deemed lazy. It’s just the truth. There are a lot of things I can be accused of but being lazy isn’t one of them. Now, I have lazy moments and before 6 months ago I was certainly physically lazy but I didn’t get a B.A., M.F.A. & decent job from being lazy. I think there are reasons that people gain is due to inactivity but that doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t get their work done. It has been shown statistically that people who are overweight have a much worse chance of landing a job in an interview than someone who isn’t fat. I have actually heard someone say that before.

Just keep in mind that just because I have bigger thighs than you doesn’t mean I’m a bad worker...I know plenty of lazy, stupid skinny people.

Also-GOOD LUCK NICHOLE! You show that GRE who is boss!


  1. After reading that story, I think it's just outrageous! Fat people are definitely discriminated against.

    And, I totally agree with the whole fat/lazy thing. I hate that people have that stereotype, but it is definitely always the assumption.

  2. My name is Greg Staffa. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the kind words.

  3. If you investigate this guy Staffa further, you will find that he is not legitimate and is running a scam to raise funds for himself. He has a hard luck story when in fact he is not motivated to find a job, when he can con others for money. If he put 20% of the energy he uses in conning people in to working, the world would be a better place


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