Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barbecue & Blisters

I am beginning to notice a weekend trend of short blogs but I am not going to mope about it...Sometimes there isn't that much to say. I had a good weigh in day...I lost 1.4 (a trend lately) which brings my total to 33.8 pounds. HOPEFULLY, next week I will be down 35 and I will post a new picture. After my meeting, I went to the Bama game. In my attempt to wear decent shoes, I wore my Naturalizer flats. Apparently, they were too long and needless to say I ended up with blisters ALL over my feet. It was miserably hot and humid at the game. We won but I wasn't in the best of moods. The heat tends to make me flex my anger muscles. I went to my parents and my mom grilled out hamburgers AND there was barbecue. Somehow I managed to avoid any binging sprees today. I was proud of myself. I've been pretty lazy tonight and I won't make any exceptions now. I will speak to you on cheat day!

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