Saturday, September 12, 2009

In under the wire...

I wasn't going to blog but my OCD won't let me skip a day just yet. Today was game day so I didn't have much time. I want to keep it short but I will say that I neglected to eat most of the day because I didn't know what I would be faced with and I was scared I would end up splurging on a hot dog or something so I was saving my points. I ended up resisting the BBQ at my tailgating spot and then at the stadium I thought I would be good and get a grilled chicken sandwich but they were out so I didn't eat for several hours. Because of this, I stopped by Arby's on the way home and got a roast beef and...fries...please don't tell anyone. Surprisingly, I only went over a couple of points and I'm pretty sure that I walked enough to cover those. The moral of today is to eat a little more before the game or bring a snack or something so I don't binge like a maniac on curly fries. Tomorrow is cheat day but my goal is to not make myself sick like I usually do. In case you didn't know...Alabama won so it's all good. The blog should be more in full tomorrow...I know you were worried. :)

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