Friday, September 4, 2009

A Tale of No Peanut Butter

Today is Friday, the weekend of Labor Day which means I get 3 days off of work. I am SO excited. Aside from a few school things I plan on doing, I want to have a true 3-Day weekend…one that is filled with football and relaxation. That’s right, it’s football season and we love it here. I will probably blog about all the great football food I won’t be having tomorrow but that’s OK.
This morning, I went to have my mini wheat bagel and realized I was out of cream cheese. I decided to use peanut butter but had to use a very tiny amount because I found out an ugly truth about the creamy wonder. It’s TERRIBLE for you. Now, I realize that nuts give you protein (yes, I giggle immaturely every time I type or say nuts) but they also give a LOT of fat. In 2 tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter there is 16 grams of fat! There is also up to 12 grams of fat in the reduced fat version. If you have a cup of peanut butter, there are 41 points that come with it. You could have BOTH a Baconator AND 2 McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers for that. Now, I know people don’t generally have a cup but if you add it to each apple slice, it certainly adds up. So, I can have 1 tablespoon for 2 points and that’s what I did. It’s amazing because I never really ate that much peanut butter before I started dieting, but now, I consider it a delicacy. It’s the same way with crackers…I am always craving Ritz now. You wouldn’t think that crackers would be that bad for you but there are 5 grams of fat in every 5 crackers. If you are the kind that can eat only 5 Ritz then…good for you…at Thanksgiving I can eat a whole sleeve with my mother’s cheeseball. I guess the moral of the story is to make sure and look for nutrition facts because there are many things that claim to be healthy but are really, little carby, fatty devils trying to deceive you. Don’t you ever wish that you hate cheese, bread and potatoes? I do…I despise pickles, peaches, beans and cabbage…all things that aren’t bad for you and all things that I have either not ever liked or had a really bad experience with as a child. I kind of wished that at age 4 I got a stomach virus after eating ranch and mayonnaise and the thought of them disgusted me…alas…the thought of them brings joy to not only my sandwich…but my life.
Well, I will keep it short today. I plan on writing about how football obsessed we are here tomorrow, though I could never truly express it in words. I feel less tired today so I am holding off on the swine clap testing because I hate the doctor but I am still not 100%. Also, my friend Cassandra’s boyfriend asked me if I had a curly tail growing out of my butt. I know that he was referring to swine flu but you know…it still felt like a fat joke. Just kidding…(I often accuse people of making fat jokes…I like making folks uncomfortable sometimes.)
Lastly, I joked yesterday about being self-indulgent and really, I think that we all can be sometimes. Even though I often talk about myself, I know the value of the people I have in my life. Sometimes it takes certain news or struggles that you or other people go through to realize what you have, but I do. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of family and friends. I KNOW that if I were to disappear today that it may not mean much to some stranger but there would be people that would notice I was gone. I also know that despite what my friends and family go through, even if I can’t empathize, I will be there for them. I have an infinite resource of support so I wanted everyone to know how thankful I am and if anyone ever needs to talk or just sit in silence, let me know.

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  1. I would definitely notice if you were gone...and I can't imagine that. I'm very thankful for you and I'm grateful because I know you're always there if I need you! I hope that you know that applies both ways...I want to be here whenever you need me!

    Also, the Ritz thing...YIKES! I did not know that...and you know how I love a Ritz cracker!


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