Monday, September 7, 2009

It's my day off...and it's almost over... :(

I am currently enjoying my day off but it is already well over half way over. I need to find time to exercise even though I already passed up one opportunity. I always feel bad when I let the day go by without accomplishing anything and against my better judgment, I don't think I will count watching Knocked Up and playing Mario as being productive. It is also quite challenging to NOT eat everything in the house but I have also done OK with that.
I wanted to talk about bringing your own food to events. I think that many times people think that they are being rude whenever they don't eat the food that their family and friends cook for them but if they can't see that you are just trying to be a healthier person, then you probably don't need them in your life anyway. Also, you might think it is weird to bring your own food but I have found that most people don't care. Every month at work, we have something called "Big Friday." The name is ridiculous but it is intended to be a team building event. Basically, it means that everyone brings food. The past two were hard because one was a cook out and one was Mexican food themed. At my job, it is important to be involved so I didn't want to skip out on the party. For the cookout, I brought my own bread and a turkey burger. It really wasn't that bad. After I put cheese and ketchup and mustard on it and paired it with Baked Lays, I had plenty to eat and got to eat with everyone else. For the Mexican party, I brought my own Baked Tostitos and put a little hamburger meat, lettuce, onion and salsa on top and had my own little nachos. I'm not saying that after that, it's easy to pass up the desserts and casseroles but it IS possible to eat with everyone else without being a spectacle or going hungry. I also brought those same Tostito's to a Mexican place on margarita night with friends. I ate before I went and instead of margaritas, had a Diet Coke and chips and salsa. It's not as fun and you may get some strange looks when you pull a baggie of baked chips out of your purse, but you aren't reversing your whole week with 3 margaritas and a quesadilla. Lastly, I brought my 96% Fat Free hot dogs to the football party I went to the other night. Again, if you bring your own cheese and bread and add plenty of lettuce, onion and mustard, it tastes pretty good. I did cheat a little by having a few crackers and a no bake cookie but I felt OK about that because I didn't waste it on eating a huge hamburger and hot dog like I once would have done. Don't get me wrong, I am sitting here sulking today because I can't work up the energy to work out and all I want to do is eat but I plan on getting back on the ball tomorrow. I have drank the water I am supposed to today! I figured I should do one good thing!
Anyway, I am going to end it there. I need to keep busy contemplating what I need to be doing. Thinking about tasks can really wear you out...


  1. Watching Knocked Up and playing Mario is TOTALLY productive!

  2. Heather, just do what ever you want you deserve it. love dad


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