Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey Razorbacks! We just beat the hell outta you!

OK...just briefly as an extension of yesterday's blog where I explained why we sometimes feel fat for no happened today. I went to the Bama game of course and the news has been predicting the whole week that it would pour down rain at the game. Well, it did rain but it only rained during our 15 minute walk to the game. My cheap little rain jacket from Old Navy didn't do much to protect me so by the time we got to the Grotto (the place where I tailgate before the game), I was completely soaked. The rain stopped right before game time, which is good, but by that point I was soaking wet and sweating on top of that because it was so humid. Usually, our seats are on the lower level of the stadium but this week we were in the end zone on the top row! This means we had to go up 5 or 6 levels of ramp and then like 60 stairs to get to our seats. I seriously thought for a minute that I may die. The rest of the game I just sat there and sweat the whole time. I even took off my shirt and only wore the tank top I had on under it. My hair was just dripping in sweat. I have always been one to sweat. I sweat like a huge, grown man. I don't know why...I think that I also get that for my Dad. Inevitably, the perspiration that was literally dripping from every part of me was making me feel very bad about myself...even though I lost 2 pounds this week...bringing my total to 35.8 pounds!!! I will try and post pictures tomorrow. Anyway, my uncanny sweating issue never makes me feel great...but I am settled down now and fed and ready to be asleep. Tomorrow is going to be hectic because I have NO choice but to finish some school work. I'm sure I will make time for my short weekend blog.

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  1. 35.8lbs! Wow Heather - you are working hard and it shows...I am so proud of you and you are movitating others as well!


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