Thursday, September 10, 2009

Everytime I tried to think of a title a Prince lyric popped in my head so I gave up

I think that I can go down a size in my khaki and black pants because I don’t have to button them and they are baggy. This is good in theory but bad because I don’t want to spend the money on pants if I continue to lose weight. It did take me 30 pounds to go down a size, so maybe another 30 to go down another? That is a pant investment I can get on board with. They say that you should throw away all clothes that are too big for you. I did that before when I went on the Atkins diet a few years ago…it really sucked buying all those big sizes again because a) it costs money and b) it reminds you again and again that you blew up like a balloon. I remembered getting the question from my ex-boyfriend…”Well, what happened? You were doing so well.” You can imagine that conversation didn’t go great and the important thing is, I’m not bitter. I digress.
Anyway, I have gotten rid of some more clothes this time because I looked like a tent in them. I have kept the biggest pair of jeans I’ve ever had. I thought about hanging them on my wall but was worried that they wouldn’t have room (I have a small room jackass) and then I had this image of me climbing up to get them in a few months because they fit again. Can you think of anything more pathetic than having to take the thumb tack out of your HUGE pants that are hanging on the wall because you had an unfortunate incident with Cool Ranch Doritos one day and just let yourself go?! I can’t. Well, the only thing that may come in a close second is if someone has lost a bunch of weight and they offer you their “fat” clothes (which is insulting enough) and then THOSE clothes don’t fit. Yah…that’s happened to me before.
A totally different direction… I have invited MOSTLY everyone to read this blog. I have Christian friends that may be surprised when I say I’m going to drink. This is the first time in my life that I refuse to play to different crowds. The facts are that I love God and have come through some tough times on the mere hope that God exists. I also like to have a couple of beers once MAYBE twice a week. I am by no means a lush but if it bothers you that bad then either a) don’t read my blog or b) pretend I’m Presbyterian. I am not reckless and don’t condone underage drinking or anything like that and frankly, it’s my business. I have a foul mouth that I inherited from a few folks but I never want to make people uncomfortable so I do TRY not to say things that would upset anyone. Other than that, I consider myself to be fairly Christ-like with the exception of “sinning in my anger” from time to time. I’m working on it.
Ready for yet another complete tonal change? I hope so…also you probably think I have multiple personalities. All of us would like to apologize for the confusion.
Since this isn’t a political blog, I WON’T express my frustrations with politicians AND the media OR the fact that I think that over 95% of them are empty, bad people that don’t care about my interests or the interests of others. I will say it’s on my mind and while I certainly lean a particular political direction, I won’t call any one party out because today…I hate them both. I believe every lawful human and every child should have the right to public service and that is all I will say. Since my faith in the government is non-existent, I really want to start thinking about volunteering. I do a LOT of talking. I want to be involved…help people directly…I’m tired of waiting on the middle person. That’s all I will say because today I could type for days and piss off people I love and where will it get me? Nowhere. The filthy humans that lie and cheat are certainly NOT worth fighting with the people that will always be there. *Rant stops here.*

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  1. Presbyterian?...LOL! Loved that...

    I also love your rant at the end. :) I think it was very well put together and very inoffensive. As much hate as there is out there, it's good to see you're able to rise above it and put things eloquently. Another great blog entry!


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