Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forget the Louvre...I'm going for the Croissants

I am going to get a passport today. I actually had one when I was 2 months old because I was born in Germany on an American Air Force Base but clearly…I have to update it. I am pretty excited even though my picture looks like a mug shot. The passport is the final step in the process…our plane tickets are purchased and everything is reserved! I have already planned to go off the dieting wagon in Paris which is kind of sad because we don’t go for 6 months. I just wouldn’t be able to pass up cheese and bread in a place KNOWN FOR CHEESE AND BREAD. We are also going to Germany…I mean…they are meat and potatoes kind of people. When in Rome…anyway…hopefully, I will be much more established in my diet and be able to maintain with all the walking we will do. I would actually like to be down 40 to 50 more pounds by then…maybe I can stuff a hot French or German dude in my bag for the trip home. I assure you there will be many more mentions of this trip in the months to come.
So, every once in awhile I try something of mine on that hasn’t fit for quite some time just to see what happens. In most cases, I am disappointed because what I’m trying on fit me after I lost weight the last time so I still have a good bit of time left. Today, when I was picking out earrings, I noticed my college class ring. I graduated from college almost 3 years ago and I would venture to say I haven’t been able to wear this ring in over 2 years. It’s not a ring that I would wear often but it’s a simple gold band but I would pull out once in awhile to wear with my neutrals. I am wearing brown and gold today and it caught my eye so I decided to try it on. It actually fit! I was so happy. The truth of the matter is, I have man hands. I think I’ve mentioned that before and I REALLY do. I have long, fat fingers. I can almost palm a basketball. They are really long and have short nails…so when I DO wear a ring, it’s usually pretty big to match up to my finger. This is just a band pretty much so it doesn’t look great when I hold my hands out…it kind of makes a roll come over the ring but hey…it fits. Remember how I said that I was all for tiny victories? I really am.
I have some more sinus issues and despite the antibiotic and decongestant…I’m still not 100%. I worked out harder than usual this morning and I don’t think that helped. I would venture to say that from the time I was very little until now, I have had an ear infection for at least 50% of that time. I was the nerdy kid with allergies that had to get shots once a week. Since moving out of the valley of Chattanooga as a small child, things got a bit better but it flares up from time to time. I think I will skip the cardio the rest of the week and just go with swimming above water. I feel like such a poser when I swim. Since I can’t go underwater (swimmers ear), I bob around for 30 minutes and take my butt home. Oh well, any exercise is good right?

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